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Art Schools in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a U.S state that is famous for high-technology products. The state is home to a number of colleges and universities that offer quality learning opportunities for students with diverse goals. Students who want to pursue degrees in the arts can enroll in the associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in a field of their choice and benefit from the excellence of the art schools in the state. In addition to their quality degree programs, the art schools in the state are also well-recognized for their experienced faculty and wide array of programs.

Job outlook for artists such as web developers, graphic designers and interior designers is positive. Interior designer can be a good line of work for students with strong imagination and creative skills. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that jobs for interior designers are expected to grow by 13% from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. In the same way, employment for web developers is expected to grow 20% while jobs for Graphic designers are expected to grow by 7% during the same decade as reported by the BLS.

What Artists Do

Artists use their imagination, creativity and expertise to bring ideas and concepts into reality. Some artists work for commercial purpose while others create works of art for self expression. Painters make use of canvas, oil paints, pastels and other tools to make paintings while graphic designers use software to create concepts or advertisements for promotion of companies or products. Film directors direct TV dramas, films or documentaries while the scope of the work of interior designers involves decorating spaces such as homes, offices and hotels, making them both functional and aesthetically appealing. Web developers can also possibly work in the capacity of artists, as the design and development of websites also entails looking after the aesthetic in addition to the technical aspects.

Art Schools in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts has a number of art schools that offer degree programs in a variety of majors. They have well-experienced faculty, modern methodologies and environments conducive to learning. These schools foster the artistic abilities within students and help them turn their  interest in art into a career.

Types of Programs

The art schools in Massachusetts offer programs in various concentrations. Students can pursue both undergraduate as well as graduate in fine arts, design and art education, architecture, animation, architectural design, sculpting, and fashion design. Professional programs are also available for students from all walks of life.

Admission Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is required to pursue a program in the arts. Students may also have to provide a portfolio and submit letters of recommendation. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Employment Opportunities

Fine artists can potentially find jobs in various settings such as performing arts, spectator sports, federal government, motion picture and video industries as well as educational services. Opportunities are also available in specialized design services or architectural, engineering, and related service. According to the BLS, interior designers earned a median annual income of $47,600 in May 2012, while multimedia artists and animators made $61,370 on a median annual basis. Graphic designers earned a median annual income of $44,150 in May 2012.


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