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RN Programs in Maryland

Maryland is ranked as the 19th most populous state and is the wealthiest in the US. The state has played a major role in promoting religious freedom and has an extensive history. The economy of the state is driven by a strong tertiary sector and a manufacturing sector. However, in recent years, healthcare has become a major industry in Maryland. The demand for healthcare services is increasing due to many different factors and one of them is population demographics. Maryland is expected to add approximately 75,000 healthcare jobs by 2020 according to the Baltimore Business Journal.

The expansion of the healthcare industry has stressed the need for more registered nurses and medical doctors. Individuals who are seeking career paths that offer stability and security may consider joining this sector. To help cover the upcoming demand for nurses, nursing schools in Maryland are promoting nursing education and training.

Nursing Schools in Maryland

There are over 25 accredited nursing schools in the state of Maryland that offer RN degree programs. These schools are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Accreditation is important to consider when selecting an institute as it reflects their compliance with quality standards. Maryland has an accomplished higher education system that includes a number of private colleges as well as universities.

Individuals who wish to prepare for a career as a registered nurse can enroll in RN programs in Maryland. This program is among the most popular nursing degrees. An RN degree will equip students with clinical nursing knowledge and training. Students develop strong conceptual knowledge of nursing practices and acquire an insight into health service delivery systems. The curriculum will vary from school to school, but will cover important foundational courses, core courses, and practical training courses. Many nursing schools in Maryland are investing in nursing education, and offer state-of-the-art learning facilities.

How to Enroll

The admission requirements will also vary from school to school. However, all students must have completed a high school diploma with not less than 70% in general science subjects. Apart from this, students must also complete certain nursing prerequisite courses which include human anatomy and physiology. Some schools may have a minimum CGPA requirement that all applicants must meet.


Upon completion of an RN degree, students must sit for the state licensure examination. The Maryland Board of Nursing conducts the NCLEX-RN exam. Without this license, individuals can not practice nursing in the state of Maryland

Career Prospects

Approximately 2% of the nation’s total nursing workforce is employed in Maryland. The state has experienced an 11% growth in nursing appointments in recent years. Old homes, public hospitals, private clinics, medical research facilities, and nursing homes are a few that require the services of licensed RNs. The income level will depend upon factors such as employer, skill, specialization, and licensure. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage of registered nurses in Maryland was $71,110 in 2013.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What do RN Programs in Maryland teach students?

A:There are a number of community colleges and universities offering RN programs in Maryland. This program in intended to provide students with nursing knowledge and clinical skills. The program will cover a range of theoretical topics such as advanced physiology, nursing practice, health promotion, etc. Students will learn how to povide nursing care to patients in different health care settings.

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