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Baking and Pastry Schools in Maryland

The food industry in Maryland is booming, especially its culinary sector.  This is why the annual mean wage of bakers in Maryland is $27,230, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is nearly the same as the national mean wage. The field is also growing at 8%, with an expected employment change of 14,600 across the US.

Baking and Pastry Programs

The best way to enter the food industry as pastry chef, lead baker, or bakery manager is to get enrolled in any one of the recognized Baking and Pastry Schools in Maryland. Most Pastry Schools in Maryland offer a 2 years associate or 4 years bachelor’s degree in baking and pastry art. The core courses taught in these programs include fundamentals of baking, nutrition, cake and pastry crafting and food cost management. Certificate and degree programs in Culinary Arts are also offered by some Pastry Schools in Maryland.  Master’s level programs in this field can offer comprehensive training in courses such as plating and presentations, menu development and customer service. These programs can expand the career prospects of students and enable them to work in leading restaurants and bakeries.

Top 5 Baking and Pastry Schools in Maryland

Maryland is home to some of the most prestigious cooking schools in the country. For those aspiring to enter the food industry, the following list would be quite useful:

1) Anne Arundel Community College - Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute

The Anne Arundel Community College offers numerous culinary arts programs, including:

  • AAS Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management 
  • Certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Certificate in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in Event Planning and Catering
  • Certificate in Restaurant Cooking Skills

Students at Anne Arundel are also given internship opportunities in Italy, working in the kitchens of the local resorts there. The Hotel/Restaurant Management degree offered is accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

2) Howard Community College

Located in Columbia, Maryland, Howard Community College offers a number of programs in food related sciences. These include:

  • AAS Culinary Management – Professional Baking and Pastries
  • AAS Degree in Culinary Management, Professional Cooking
  • Certificate in Baking and Pastries
  • Certificate in Professional Cooking

Howard Community College’s multiple programs are designed to meet the interests of a variety of aspiring chefs, including baking and pastry chefs. The courses offered here such as International Breads, A La Carte Production, Plated Desserts, etc., provide some of the finest opportunities to learn the art of baking.

3) Stratford University

Based in Baltimore, Stratford University offers some really amazing programs for individuals aspiring to enter the food industry. Have a look at the following options:

  • AAS Degree in Advanced Culinary Arts
  • Advanced Culinary Arts Professional Diploma
  • AAS Degree in Pastry and Baking

Stratford University offers a flexible coursework, including some online courses for those who wish to enter the baking and pastry-making industry. The state-of-the-art kitchen lab, along with a small class size makes instruction highly personalized and meaningful for all students. You will be taught useful courses like Dining Room Service, Hospitality Supervision and Pastry Arts.

4) Wor-Wic Community College

Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury, Maryland, offers several top-notch programs in culinary arts. Have a look:

  • Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management Culinary Arts Option Certificate
  • AAS Degree in Hotel-Motel-Restaurant management Culinary Arts Option

Students get to learn in a highly professional atmosphere with a complete modern kitchen lab equipped with commercial equipment. They are taught to develop marketing plans, create culinary delights and use cost control strategies when operating a food or pastry business. Coursework includes areas of international cuisine and nutrition.

5) L’Academie de Cuisine

L’Academie de Cuisine features two outstanding programs for those interested in cooking sciences and the culinary arts.

  • Culinary Arts Professional Program
  • Pastry Arts Professional Program

Students from this institution complete a classroom-based study program, along with a 26-week long paid apprenticeship under the supervision of a professional chef. Flexible studying options are also available with evening classes being offered. The class size here is typically very small, making room for a great deal of individualized attention and support.

If you are planning to get into a baking and pastry school, Maryland has some really great options available. These top 5 baking and pastry schools in Maryland are offering some of the most extraordinary degrees in food science. For more details about them, you may visit their official websites.

Other Useful Resources

How long does it take to graduate from a baking and pastry school in Maryland?

After getting a high school diploma or a GED, you are not required to get further education to become a baker or pastry chef. In most cases however, students do attend culinary school. Programs in these schools take 1 to 2 years to complete. For most bakers, on the job training takes the longest time, typically lasting 1 to 3 years. Generally speaking, your employability increases with increasing educational qualifications.

What are the requirements to graduate from baking and pastry school in Maryland?

To graduate from culinary school, you will have to complete a 1 or 2 year program e.g. an associate of applied science in baking and pastry arts. Within these programs, you are required to take a number of courses as well as complete an externship. Some courses you may have to take include:

·         Baking Fundamentals

·         Nutrition

·         Chocolate Arts

·         Culinary Management

·         Plated Desserts

How much can I make after I graduate from baking and pastry school in Maryland?

Most bakers and pastry chefs work full time at grocery stores, bakeries or restaurants. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for bakers as of May 2018 was $26,520 per year and $12.75 per hour. The number of jobs available in the industry in 2018 was 180,010 and is expected to increase substantially by 2026. The annual mean wage for Bakers in Maryland was $29,040, which is higher than the national mean. 

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Do the Pastry Schools in Maryland offer apprenticeship?

A:Most of the well reputed pastry schools in Maryland work in collaboration with the famous pastry shops and bakeries in the state. These shops offer apprenticeship to get hands-on experience and students can enhance their resumes with such experiences.

Q:Can you name top Baking and Pastry schools in Maryland?

A:Students can opt for Baking and Pastry degree programs at baking schools in the state of Maryland. Baking and pastry schools in Maryland offer accredited degrees at bachelor level and master level. Highest ranked baking schools in Maryland are: Baltimore International College, L’ Academia de Cuisine, Kitchen Studio Cooking School, Lincoln Technical Institute, and Howard Community College.

Q:What programs are offered at the Baking Colleges in Maryland?

A:There are a bunch of Baking Colleges in Maryland offering various Baking and Pastry making programs. These are offered most popularly in short courses, certificates, associates, and at times in bachelor's programs. Students are offered various areas of specialties such as food decoration, hotel management, baking, pastry art, food and beverages management, and food presentation.

Q:While going through pastry and baking school in Maryland I came across the course in Catering. Can you tell me the contents of this course?

A:Many of the Pastry and Baking schools in Maryland are offering the Certificate in Catering. Almost everything related to catering is taught in the program and the curriculum includes courses such as business planning in food service, introduction to professional cooking, basic nutrition, introductory baking, catering practicum, basic sanitation and food safety, wines and spirits and cooking in quantity.

Q:What is the duration of programs being offered in Pastry colleges in Maryland?

A:Pastry colleges in Maryland offer programs in certificate, associate, and bachelor programs. All these can be opted in various areas of specialization. The certificate program can be completed within one year or less whereas the associate's degree is for two years, in general. Students pursuing the bachelor degrees can take four years to finish off the program.

Q:While looking for cost for Baking and Pastry education in Maryland, I came across the program called Certificate in Gourmet Cooking. What are the contents of this program?

A:The program Certificate in Gourmet Cooking that you came across in your search on cost for Baking and Pastry education in Maryland is one of the most sought for certifications in the field. The certificate gives the individual the knowledge on how to cook and present and preserve the food in gourmet style. students also get to learn about kitchen layout and preparation of the meals.

Q:Can you please tell me what is taught in the Nutrition and Recipes course of the Bakery and Pastry schools in MD?

A:The Bakery and Pastry schools in MD have dedicated course on Nutrition and Recipes. This course is 4 credits' worth and is aimed at making the students understand the concept of a balanced diet. You also get to learn the methods of cooking as well as storing foods for the purpose of nutrients preservation.

Q:Which certificate can I go for colleges in Maryland offering Baking and Pastry?

A:There are a number of programs and certificates by colleges in Maryland offering Baking and Pastry. In Professional Baking and Pastry Certification you will get to learn all the skills required in the field. Some things you will come across are safety practices within kitchen, preparing the food through the right recipes, tools and measuring equipment and complete training in pastry making and baking.

Q:While going through the Pastry Certification offered in baking pastry schools in Maryland, I came across the course named Classical Cakes and Tarts. What will I be taught in this?

A:There are a number of courses that are being offered in baking pastry schools in Maryland. Among these courses is the professional certification in Pastry. Classical Cakes and Tarts is a part of the curriculum. In this course you will be taught the science of linzer tortes, opera cake and classical cake making.

Q:Why is it important to select accredited Pastry and Baking Schools in Maryland?

A:If you wish to acquire quality education, learn crucial culinary skills, and enhance your career prospects, it is important that you select from the accredited Pastry and Baking Schools in Maryland. Accredited schools meet the standards set by the accrediting agencies, and therefore they are much more likely to give you extensive knowledge and quality training.

Q:I am looking for baking and pastry schools in MD that offer programs for amateurs. Can you explain what I will learn in those programs?

A:Programs offered for the beginners in these schools focus on basic culinary skills, sanitation practices, cooking methods and the appropriate mix of baking ingredients. In addition to this, they will learn to make croissants, breads, pies, cookies, pastries, rolls and much more. They will also have a chance to study and evaluate the nutritional value of different ingredients.

Q:What should I expect from baking schools in Maryland?

A:Baking schools in Maryland offer courses and degrees that train you with all the techniques and knowledge that can make you an expert in the art of baking. Along with theoretical knowledge you can expect a lot of practical training. The core courses may deal with food nutrition, ingredients knowledge, presentation skills, baking fundamentals, cost management and cake and pastry crafting.

Q:Is information about any top bakery school in md available online?

A:Yes, you can find information about all the top baking schools in MD online. There are a number of educational website where you can search for schools by state, academic area, accreditation status, and faculty. It is always recommended to acquire full information about an institute before enrolling in any. You need to make sure your investment in a program will reap positive results.

Q:Will a baking school Maryland help me prepare for career as a baker?

A:Yes, you can acquire skills and in-depth knowledge about the baking profession through accredited baking schools. These institutes focus on baking education and offer degree programs in this area. You can earn a bachelor degree in baking, master's degree in baking, or an associate degree in baking. If you are looking for short courses, certificate programs and training programs are also available.

Q:Can you tell me about some skills that will complement with my degree from a pastry school in Maryland?

A:Along with the degree from a pastry school in Maryland, you will require some additional skills in order to excel as a pastry chef. Some of the important personal qualities and skills that the pastry chefs should possess include culinary ability and creativity, attention to detail, customer service skills, and the ability to work for long hours.

Q:How can I find Baking and Pastry Schools in Maryland?

A:If you wish to find Baking and Pastry Schools in Maryland, you can look for accredited online programs on our website. On campus programs can also be your option. You can go for a two year associate degree or a four year bachelor's program in baking and pastry arts. Master level programs are also available if you need additional expertise.

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