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Psychology Schools in Miami

Miami is one of the most well known American cities in the world. A hub of regional tourism, there is more to Miami than sunny, pristine beaches. Those who wish to pursue higher education in Miami can find a number of options to choose from. The colleges and universities in Miami offer numerous academic programs that lead to degrees and certificates. Ranging from healthcare to engineering, arts to criminal justice, students can choose from various options and find suitable programs keeping in view their personal and professional goals. Miami psychology programs are also available and may make a suitable learning option for students with interest in the human mind and behavior.

Psychology Miami Programs

There are a number of schools in Miami that offer degree and certificate programs in psychology, enabling students to acquire skills and knowledge essential to pursue careers in the field of psychology.

Psychologists carry out scientific studies of the human brain functions and behavior. They may also gather information through various methods and conduct research in addition to identifying behavioral or emotional patterns.

Psychologists are of various types, such as:

  • Clinical psychologists
  • Developmental psychologists
  • Forensic psychologists
  • School psychologists

While clinical psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, counseling psychologists are responsible for advising people on how to deal with different issues in their lives.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), psychologists generally need to hold a doctoral degree. Aspiring psychologists in Miami may pursue the PhD in psychology or a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree. Those who wish to pursue a career as school psychologist should enroll in a master’s degree or opt for a specialist degree; the doctoral degree in psychology may also be pursued.

Types of Psychology Programs in Miami

Ranging from the associate to doctoral degree programs, the psychology programs in Miami offer numerous educational paths for students.  The undergraduate programs may take 2 to 4 years to complete while the graduate degrees such as a master’s program may span over 2-3 years. Doctoral programs, on the other hand, may need 5-6 years of full-time study. In addition to regular degree programs, some psychology programs in Miami are also offered online for the convenience of those who cannot attend programs offered at traditional schools.


Psychology students get instruction in a variety of areas in the fields ranging from fundamental psychology, to biological psychology. Some of the courses they may cover include:

  • Child psychology
  • Behavior therapy
  • Social psychology
  • Pathology
  • Personality disorders

School psychology programs may include topics in both education and psychology. Students in the graduate programs will have to complete a dissertation in addition to classroom-based coursework.

Learning Outcomes

Completing psychology degree programs in Miami will enable students to learn how to design, plan, and conduct research in the field. They will also acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills and learn how to address psychological problems of different groups.


Admissions in the psychology degree programs require students to complete the following requirements:

  • Hold a high school diploma or GED
  • Have an undergraduate degree in psychology
  • Complete courses in introductory psychology, experimental psychology, and statistics
  • Submit GRE score
  • Provide letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose

Candidates who want to enroll in the doctoral degree programs need to have a master’s degree in psychology. However, some programs may accept candidates with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in psychology.

Career Outlook

Studying human behavior may possibly open up a number of career paths for students in:

  • Mental health services
  • Mental health facilities
  • Criminal justice and legal systems
  • Child-care/day-care centers
  • Substance abuse treatment centers
  • Governmental and/or privately operated vocational rehabilitation centers

Some psychologists also work in private research organizations, colleges and universities, while others are employed by community treatment centers.

According to the data by O*NET OnLine, there were 4,410 clinical psychologists in Florida in 2012. The state is expected to need more of these professionals in the coming years (2012-2022). An aging population, the veterans suffering from war trauma as well as students with special needs will also require the services of psychologists.

The median annual pay for clinical psychologists (2013) in Florida was $66,200 (O*NET OnLine). Factors such as location and area of expertise may determine the precise income.

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