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Nursing Schools in Illinois

Illinois is the fifth most populous state in the United States. It is home to large agriculture industries and has become an important transportation hub. Illinois has shown developments in the education and health sectors of its economy.

Nursing Schools in Illinois offer nursing degree programs to individuals who are interested in joining the health services field. A nurse is a qualified professional who takes care of patients; they are skilled at performing various clinical tasks such as injecting drugs, administrating medicine, checking vital signs, food and nutrition. Students can opt to become a RN (registered nurse) or a LPN (licensed practitioner nurse). The programs offered at Nursing Schools in Illinois are: Associates degree in nursing, Bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Master’s degree in nursing.

These programs basically train students with the fundamental knowledge of the health services field. They become trained at performing certain medical tasks such as checking vital signs, infusing medication, and performing emergency lifesaving procedures such as CPR.

Students must earn a nursing license and certificate before they can actually work as professional nurses. This can be attained by taking the NCLEX-RN/LPN examinations set by The Illinois Board of Nursing. This legal body is responsible for certification and licensure.

How much do nurses make in Illinois?


how much do nurses make in Illinois Source: O*NET OnLine


Registered nurses in Illinois in 2013 earned a median annual salary of $64,900 or $31.20 per hour. RNs nationally earned a median annual income of $66,220 or $31.84 per hour, in 2013.

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Illinois Nursing Association

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What jobs can I pursue after completing Master in Nursing Administration from nursing schools in Illinois?

A:There are a number of employment opportunities available for students having complete Masters in Nursing Administration from nursing schools in Illinois. Students with this qualification can find themselves working as Acute Care Nurses, Registered Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, Medical and Health Service Mangers and Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses. More information about this program can be accessed by searching our website.

Q:What are the Top Nursing Schools in Illinois?

A:Nursing Schools in Illinois are amongst the best in the country and offer the most up to date degree programs in nursing, using the most innovative teaching techniques. These schools offer courses not only on-campus but online as well. Nurses trained here are not only capable of looking after patients; they are also fully skilled at injecting drugs, administrating medicine, checking vital signs, food and nutrition. Students can choose to pursue RN (registered nurse) or a LPN (licensed practitioner nurse) courses on-campus or online. The schools offer all levels of degree programs from Associates degree in nursing to Bachelor's and Master's degree in nursing.

Q:What are the different program options offered by nursing colleges in Illinois?

A:Nursing colleges in Illinois offer nursing programs to students who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare field. Students can select to become a RN (registered nurse) or a LPN (licensed practitioner nurse). They can go for an associate's degree, a bachelor's or a master's degree in nursing. They learn skills like administering medicine, injecting drugs, checking vital signs, and also gain knowledge of food and nutrition.

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