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Engineering Schools in Illinois

Illinois is a US state with a diverse economic base. It is a major transportation hub. The state is home to several large companies. Health sciences and information technology are among the top sectors in Illinois. There are a number of colleges and universities in the state that offer degree programs in a variety of areas, including engineering. Employment of some engineering professions is also expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations. This is why enrolling in engineering schools and completing the relevant programs can be a good choice for students who are interested in a career in engineering.

You may opt to become a mechanical engineer who design, develop, and test mechanical devices. The profession is considered as one of the Best Technology Jobs by the U.S News and World Report. You can also choose to pursue a career as a biomedical engineer - engineers who are responsible for analyzing and designing solutions to problems in biology and medicine. According to the BLS, employment for biomedical engineers is expected to grow by 62% from 2010 to 2020. This is why the BLS has reported the profession as one of the Fastest Growing Occupations.

Engineering Schools in Illinois

Illinois engineering schools can possibly enable you for a career in an engineering field that you are interested in making a career. The state has numerous colleges and universities that offer prominent engineering programs. You can pursue undergraduate or graduate programs in engineering and acquire the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in this field.

The engineering schools in the state have experienced faculty who not only have the academic knowledge but also the real-world exposure to prepare you for the challenges of the present day marketplace. They also have all the resources and facilities that can help you in your education and give you a competitive edge.

In addition to traditional programs, online programs are also available for students who cannot attend regular classes or reside in remote locations. The distance learning programs are also quite suitable for working engineers who want to improve their skills and qualify for senior positions to get better salaries.

Types of Programs

Students in the engineering schools can pursue programs in various engineering areas such as chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical and industrial engineering. Degrees are also available in civil and materials engineering and bioengineering, environmental engineering as well as materials and aerospace engineering.

Jobs Prospects

Students with degrees in engineering can find a number of job opportunities in architectural, engineering, and related services. They can also find work in management, scientific, and technical consulting services. Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, colleges and universities are some other entities that offer employment opportunities for professionals with a specialization in different areas of engineering.

Biomedical engineers earned a median annual wage of $81,540 in May 2010, while mechanical engineers made $78,160 a year at the same time. Civil engineers made a median salary of $77,560 while other engineering professionals such as chemical engineers earned a median wage of $90,300 a year back in May 2010.


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