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Patient Care Technician Schools in Chicago

Known as the “City of Big Shoulders”, Chicago is the largest city of Illinois that boasts a population of over 2.7 million people. It is a major hub of financial services and is home to various manufacturing and food processing companies. The city provides ample educational opportunities through 394 private and 675 public schools.

To enter the healthcare field, students can get enrolled in recognized Patient Care Technician Schools in Chicago that offer diplomas, certificates, undergraduate and graduate degree programs in this field. A Patient Care Technician can capitalize on job opportunities in doctor’s offices, clinics, special care units, nursing homes and hospitals. These skilled individuals play a significant role in the medical support team by offering patient care services to those suffering from orthopedic problems, injuries and neurological disorders. Some schools offer comprehensively designed Patient Care Technician Programs in Chicago that are recognized by the Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), a professional body that accredits Patient Care Technician Programs in the US. Typically, courses such as health ethics, basic administrative nursing skills, and Phlebotomy are offered in these programs.

Graduates can also opt to become certified in a specific area through professional associations. For some positions, they are required to obtain a license by passing state examinations. Professionals employed in the field of healthcare can possibly earn competitive wages. For example, occupational therapy assistants earned a median annual wage of $53,240 in May 2012. This figure has been reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long are the Patient Care Technician programs in Illinois?

A:Patient Care Technician programs in Illinois take about one year since these include most prominently the Certificate in Patient Care Technician training. The duration can be less or more depending on the student if the certificate program is opted online. The patient care technician certificate in Illinois allows students to enter the workforce at the quickest with the introductory level knowledge and skills.

Q:There are no schools for Patient Care Technicians in Chicago IL that offer evening classes, what should I do?

A:If you are unable to find any schools that offer patient care technician courses in Chicago, IL, with class schedules that fit your needs, you can just go for an online program. Online programs offer flexible class schedules that can be fit into your schedule and can be taken at your convenience.

Q:Which top PCT schools Chicago can students enroll in?

A:When it comes to enrolling in PCT schools, students must ensure that the university is accredited and recognized. In the city of Chicago, there are mainly a few renowned universities: University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern University in Chicago, Loyola University, and Rush University Medical Center. These universities have been accredited regionally by the higher education commission.

Q:What is the licensing step that should be followed after taking PCT classes in Chicago?

A:After the completion of a patient care technician program in Chicago it is necessary to obtain a license and register yourself as a PCT. The license can only be attained after clearing the Patient Care Technician National Certification Exam set by the state board. Without a license and registration, no PCT can join the healthcare sector as a professional.

Q:What do students learn in Patient Care Technician Schools in Chicago?

A:Patient care technician programs are designed to prepare students with skills needed in the healthcare industry. the program teaches students to perform certain clinical skills such as phlebotomy, laboratory procedures, EKG’S, assist in medical examinations, first aid and CPR, analyze vital signs, checking patient conditions, assisting doctors and physicians, recording data, helping patients from one place to another, and many more related tasks.

Q:In patient care technician classes in Chicago I came across the mention of a course named Phlebotomy Practice. What would I learn in that?

A:There are many institutes that arrange special programs and Patient Care Technician classes in Chicago. One of these programs is certification in Patient Care Technician. Phlebotomy Practice is a course included in the curriculum and introduces the students with the structure of veins in the human body and process of blood collection.

Q:Why should I opt for an online degree in PCT in Chicago school?

A:The online PCT program in Chicago allows students to take up full-time work opportunities alongside working since online degrees are self-paced and offer students the flexibility of scheduling their own classes and complete the program in as much time as they see fit. Online programs are also cheaper as compared to the campus based programs. Therefore, students can easily get enrolled in the online programs and benefits from the above mentioned features.

Q:How can I get enrolled in the cheap Patient Care Technician Certification programs in Chicago?

A:Finding cheap Patient Care Technician Certification programs in Chicago is not a problem. Students can get enrolled in the online programs since their tuition fee is a lot less as compared to the campus based programs. Students seeking cheap PCT certification programs can also apply for financial aid. That will help them cut down on the expenses they have to incur on the degree.

Q:As I read on the schools that teach for Patient Care Technician in the Chicago area, there was mention of the course on Ears & Eyes. What is taught in this course?

A:It is common to see the mention of course on Ears & Eyes while going through the articles on schools that teach for Patient Care Technician in the Chicago area. This course has a total of 4 credits and is designed to make the students understand the major structuring as well as the functionality of the eyes and ears of humans.

Q:Which institutes are offering Patient Care Technician programs in Chicago?

A:A person living in Chicago wanting to pursue a career as a Patient Care Technician can get admission in the top Illinois universities offering best medical programs. Some of these universities are Westwood College, Illinois School of Health Careers and Northwestern College. The universities offering the program online are American InterContinental University Online

Q:While looking for Patient Care Tech college Chicagoland, I came across a course called Safety, Sanitation, an Emergency Procedure. What will I learn in it?

A:There are many institutes to choose from if you are looking for Patient Care Tech College Chicagoland. The search on PCT institutes often takes you to the references of courses and programs. In. Safety, Sanitation, an Emergency Procedure course the students will be taught how to take care of patients in emergency units keeping in mind safety and sanitation.

Q:Do i have to be certified by the state of illinois to be a patient care technician?

A:Certain degree programs do require students to sit through licensure examinations. Most of such degrees are medical sciences degrees. In general, students enrolled in these programs are required to sit for a nation wide licensure examination. However, at times, some states might require additional certifications to be able to practice in the state.

Q:What is included in externship program when attending PCT schools in Chicago IL?

A:Externship programs are an essential part of the curriculum in PCT schools in Chicago IL. This program allows students to acquire necessary practical knowledge in a clinical environment. Students work under the direct supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. Students work with actual patients in a clinical environment such as hospitals and clinics.

Q:Are Patient Care Technician Community Colleges In Chicago less expensive than private patient technician colleges?

A:Yes, Patient Care Technician Community Colleges In Chicago are far less expensive than private technician colleges. Students with a low income can apply to community colleges. Community colleges offer the same degree programs as other schools but are run on a tighter budget. This may due to the fact that they do own educational premises or facilities, and maintain a tight staff with less fancy teaching material.

Q:What is the coursework of Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician program taught at school for PCT?

A:School for PCT offers a number of certification and degree programs; one of them is Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician certification. In this program, the students get to study a number of courses like therapeutic communication, pharmacy and drug dose calculation, elements of renal disease, water treatment, hemodialysis principles, time management skills and ethical and legal issues.

Q:While reading about the best medical schools in Chicago, there was mention of the course on Personal Finance. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Personal Finance while going through the best Medical Schools in Chicago. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the consumer specific overview of the applications of the concepts of economics. Hands one experience is also added.

Q:Will I be performing phlebotomy procedures as a patient care technician?

A:Patient care technicians are required to perform a variety of clinical asks such as obtaining EKG readings, administering medication, performing safety checks, assisting patients with mobility issues, and even performing phlebotomy procedures. A PCT course will focus on skill development and will provide students with necessary training to join the healthcare field.

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