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Trade Schools in Georgia

Georgia is home to a number of trade schools that provide programs to prepare students for various careers. These schools focus on enhancing the skills relevant to the career objectives of students that may help them qualify for employment opportunities in several fields. Students in the trade schools may take courses that involve engineering, medicine, agriculture, or carpentry. Getting into the programs offered at trade schools may help students build upon their academic skills along with developing technical skills. Students typically graduate in 9 months to 2 years. However they may complete the program sooner if they opt for accelerated coursework option. Similarly, they may take longer by enrolling in a self-paced program.

Trade Schools in Georgia

There are many trade schools in Georgia that offer a variety of programs with the purpose of training students for fields such as healthcare, engineering, management, arts and others. Students can work towards associate degrees or certificates. These programs generally last for 6 months to 2 years. The accredited trade schools in Georgia allow students to apply for financial aid and also provide extensive resources that help enhance the learning experience of students.

Trade School Programs in Georgia

The Georgia trade schools offer associate and certificate programs in several fields. Students can work towards programs in massage therapy, paralegal, nursing, pc repair, culinary arts, graphic design and medical transcription. Hotel management, drafting, architectural computer-aided drafting, and medical assistant programs are also available.

Each program prepares students for a particular profession. Compared to 4-year degree programs, pursuing vocational training programs can help students earn credentials that are essential for dealing with the demands of employers. Students get hands-on training in these programs and acquire skills that are required at workplace.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is generally the minimum qualification that all students need in order to work towards a degree or diploma offered at the trade schools in Georgia. Students may also have to provide letters of recommendation. Other requirements may vary depending on the school you wish to enroll in.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of trade school programs can find a number of work opportunities. They can pursue a career as a graphic designer, photographer, medical transcriptionists or a massage therapist. Individuals can also become makeup artists, actors or physical therapists.

Physical therapists can work in spas, hospitals, clinics, and patients’ homes. Makeup artists may work in TV productions or salons. The income of these workers depends on a number of factors including location, type of work and experience. According to O*NET Online, the median annual wage for makeup artists was $64,450 in 2012 and the median annual income for massage therapists was $35,970.

Finding a School

The choice of a school can make a significant difference to the career of students. This is why candidates interested in the trade school programs in Georgia should look for accredited schools. To find the most appropriate trade school in Georgia, students can make use of the popular search engines and explore all their options. They must see to the accreditation, general reputation, type of programs and their duration before making a choice. It is also essential to find out about the fee structures and financial aid options.


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