Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia

America’s ninth most populated state, Georgia, has several counties listed in the America’s 100 fastest growing economies. The state hosts 26 of the Fortunate 1000 companies and 15 of the Fortunate 500 companies’ headquarters. Atlanta is Georgia’s capital city as well as the most populated one.

There are various Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia, offering a bunch of degree programs to the resident students of the state. Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia need to be accredited with the American Physical Therapy Association to be able to award degrees to the applicants. Here is a list of accredited Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia:

  • Emory University
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University
  • North Georgia College and State University
  • Medical College of Georgia
  • Georgia Health Sciences University
  • Georgia State University

Besides these campus based Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia, there are various online schools offering degree programs in physical therapy. These include institutes like Grand Canyon University Online, Penn Foster Career School. The most popular degree programs offered by these institutes are the Masters of Sciences in Physical Therapy and the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). These specialized degrees require completion of the bachelor’s level degree in a health care related field. The Masters in Physical Therapy takes about 2 years to complete and the Doctor of Physical Therapy takes 3 plus years for degree completion.

How long does it take to get a physical therapy degree in Georgia?

You can complete an undergraduate degree in physical therapy in four years. But in order to begin working as a physical therapist, you will need higher qualifications. You will need to complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, which typically takes somewhere around 30-36 months to complete. So in addition to the 4 years of undergraduate study, you will be spending about 3 more years in a DPT program, making it a total of at least seven years to become a physical therapist in Georgia.

What are the requirements to get a physical therapy degree in Georgia?

To get a Physical Therapy degree in Georgia, you will first need to complete four years of undergraduate education, followed by three years of a doctorate program in physical therapy. These programs would require you to complete courses such as general psychology , statistics, general physics, comparative anatomy and biology, pathology and medical management, kinesiology, public policy and disease prevention, etc.

How much can I make with a physical therapy degree in Georgia?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Physical Therapists make an annual median income of $86,850 per year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on Tricare in the Physical Therapy schools in Georgia?

A:The Physical Therapy schools in Georgia have dedicated course on TRICARE. This course is worth 3 credits in total. It is designed to offer students with comprehensive understanding of the concept of health care for US military. It highlights on the topics such as deductibles, eligibility criteria and cost sharing. Hands on experience is also provided.

Q:What is the procedure to get enrolled in the physical therapy schools in Georgia online?

A:Physical Therapy Schools In Georgia Online have the same admission application requirements as anywhere else. For further details, interested students can browse through our website and find detailed relevant information. All that is required to be enrolled in the online school is that applicant must have completed their high school degree or bachelor's degree if they plan to get enrolled in the master's degree.

Q:Physical therapy schools in GA will train me for which careers?

A:Physical therapy schools in GA offer a wide range of physical therapy programs to students. These are available at undergraduate and graduate level. The main purpose of physical therapy programs is to train students for careers as physical therapists. The coursework usually entails a number of theoretical courses as well as practical subjects for skill development.

Q:Do the top physical therapy schools in Georgia provide state of the art educational facilities?

A:Georgia is home to a number of leading physical therapy schools. These have been set up to provide degree programs in the healthcare field of physical therapy. There are a number of factors that make these schools fall among the best institutions. These schools offer state of the art educational facilities and resources to enhance the learning experience.

Q:Tell me about accredited physical therapy schools in GA?

A:Georgia offers varied physical therapy diplomas, certificates and degree programs to its residents. To go for quality education you can opt for accredited schools and colleges. The accreditation is done by the American Physical Therapy Association. These programs offer study about human physiology, anatomy, physical health, physical therapy techniques and exercises.

Q:Can you give me some information about American physical therapy colleges in Georgia?

A:If you are a student in Georgia and want to become a physical therapist, you can choose from a wide range of degree options. Physical therapy colleges in this state offer physical therapy degree programs at master's level, certificate level, bachelor level, ad associate level. You can also enroll in online physical therapy programs here.

Q:Physical therapy assistant schools in Georgia will help me prepare for what kinds of careers?

A:You can become a physical therapist assistant and work with a physical therapist in a clinic, hospital, or any other healthcare institution. These professionals work with patients who suffer from immobility health issues, muscle diseases, and bone diseases. You can make a great income in this healthcare field and also help many people.

Q:Colleges in Georgia with physical therapy programs are accredited by which board mainly?

A:There are a number of educational boards that accredit healthcare programs regionally as well as programmatically. You must check the accreditation status before enrolling in any program. The higher education commission is the leading body that has authorized various sub agencies/organizations to check all schools and oversee all educational services.

Q:I was wondering if I can get a loan for physical therapy schools Georgia?

A:You can apply for federal loans by filling out a FAFSA application. There is also the option of applying for a private loan, but these loans usually have a high rate of interest and are difficult to qualify for. Federal loans are usually need based and have a low rate of interest. These loans are not profit based and are funded by the federal government.

Q:After graduating from physical therapist schools in GA, should I acquire practical experience?

A:Yes, it is always recommended that one should acquire practical experience and training after completing education. You can work in a healthcare institution as an assistant and acquire practical training as a physical therapist. This will help you understand what the job demands are and how to deal with patients in the real world.

Q:Can you give me some basic information about Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia?

A:There are numerous institutes offering Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia. However, it is advisable that you look for accredited programs, as they offer quality education and secure your career. The other important things you should consider are cost, quality of education, specialization courses, curriculum, qualifications of faculty, and overall repute of the school.

Q:While looking for information about Georgia Schools of Physical Therapy, I came across online schools. Will they reduce my education expense?

A:If you go for an online physical therapy school, you are likely to reduce your overall education expense. Online schools do not require costs related to travelling, hostel accommodation, or textbooks. Besides, they charge lesser tuition fees when compared to on campus programs, because of their inherently cost efficient setup.

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