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Law Schools in Georgia

Named after King George II of Great Britain, the state of Georgia is located in the southeastern United States. It is the 8th most populous state of the country and is making steady economic progress. Thanks to the extensive restructuring of the state's private sector and the establishment of various expansion projects that has given a boost to its economy. Georgia has scores of educational institutes that offer a wide array of academic programs, preparing students for the challenges of the present day marketplace. There are also a number of law schools in Georgia that offer a range of programs.

Law Schools Georgia

Several individuals are drawn in by the six-figure salaries offered by the legal firms. As the demand for lawyers is on the rise, pursuing a law degree can lead students to rewarding jobs. To become a lawyer, students need to pursue a degree program in law. Students can enroll in a program of their choice and become an attorney. Excellent faculty, a diverse student body or a rigorous course of study are some of the features of law schools in Georgia.

Some law schools also offer online programs that can help students study from the comfort of their home. They can study at timings that suit their personal schedule and complete a program at their personal pace. The online programs can be suitable for those who want to switch careers as well as the ones who reside in remote locations and cannot attend regular classes in the state.

Types of Law Programs in Georgia

Students interested in the field of law can pursue programs such as Juris Doctor, master of law in environmental law and master of environmental law and policy. International and comparative law, legal writing programs, and general practice courses are also available. Some of the courses of study students can pursue are legal writing, property law, civil procedure, constitutional law and civil procedure. Students may also complete externships to get hands on training in this field.

How to become a Lawyer in georgia?

A law degree (J.D.)
Pass state’s written bar examination

How much do laywers make in georgia?

Employment for legal prospects is expected to grow by 14% during the next decade. This is why students to who complete training in law can pursue exciting opportunities. The salary of attorneys ranges between $64,000 and $160,000 a year. The income may vary by the location, qualification and experience.

How much does a lawyer make in california?

From 2010-2013, lawyers in Georgia have earned more than the national annual median salary of lawyers. For example, in 2011, the national median income of lawyers was $113,310 while lawyers in Georgia earned $117,860. In 2012, lawyers nationally earned $113,530 while lawyers in Georgia earned $120,630


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I am considering enrollment in online Law Schools in Georgia. I was wondering if the admission requirements for online schools are the same as campus based schools?

A:Yes, the admission requirements are usually the same for all law schools, whether the school is online or campus based. You can still check individual with each school to determine the exact admission requirements. In most cases you will have to provide a high school diploma, a letter of recommendation, and a minimum CGPA score of 2.5.

Q:What factors do I consider for admission in the top law schools Georgia?

A:To get in the top law schools Georgia, you will need to look at certain factors. The top law schools require high GPA and LSAT score. Also consider the cost of the top law schools in Georgia in terms of tuition fees and living expense. Find out the degrees and concentrations offered by the schools in order to select a degree that best matches your career aspirations. It is also preferable to consider the employment rate of graduates of the different law schools.

Q:What are some of the degrees traditionally offered at law schools in Georgia?

A:Law schools in Georgia offer their students a wide range of degrees to choose from. Examples of some courses are contracts, torts, civil procedure, property, constitutional law, lawyer advocacy, legislation and regulation, criminal law, legal profession, trial techniques, professional responsibility, sales & secured transactions, business law, academic legal skills, insurance law, intellectual property and legal writing and advocacy.

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