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Nursing Schools in Delaware

Healthcare Sector in Delaware

The state of Delaware has been focusing on the healthcare sector to ensure the delivery of state of the art medical and health-care services to its residents. In doing so, the number of nursing schools in Delaware offering nursing programs has increased and so has the range of programs offered so that the rising demand of healthcare staff is met. Some of the most popular programs offered at nursing schools in Delaware include:

  1. LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse) Program
  2.  RN(Registered Nurse) Program
  3. LPN to RN Program
  4. BSN(Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program
  5. RN to BSN Program
  6. MSN(Master of Science in Nursing) Program

Many of the above mentioned programs are offered online and on-campus.

LPN Program

Delaware has a number of vocational and technical colleges offering LPN programs. This program aims to equip basic healthcare providers with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to perform their duties effectively, maintain positive relationships with their seniors and their patients, and most importantly, to provide high quality services. LPN candidates in Delaware are required to complete an accredited or state-approve nursing program before they can take the NCLEX exam, which needs to be cleared before an LPN can start practice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the expected increase in LPN jobs in Delaware by 2020 would be around 20%.

RN Program

RN Programs provide students with an opportunity to acquire more knowledge and skills which would enable them to provide a wider range of services to patients and hence, lead to higher quality of service delivery. RN Programs in Delaware enable candidates to:

  • Record and maintain patients’ medical histories and  records
  • Assist doctors in administering medicine and treatment
  • Carry out diagnostic tests
  • Impart knowledge about disease prevention and illnesses to patients and their families
  • Properly use medical equipment and follow safety standards.

To be qualified as an RN, it is mandatory that one is a licensed practical nurse.

BSN Program

The BSN Program offers LPNs and RNs the opportunity to acquire a combination of comprehensive theoretical knowledge about the field of nursing and practical experience, which could possibly lead to better career prospects. BSN programs take on average four years to complete, however, depending on the previous qualification of the candidate, multiple options are available with reference to the duration and components of the program. RN to BSN bridge programs enable RNs to enroll in accelerated programs to qualify as BSNs.

MSN Program

The MSN Programs in Delaware are primarily science-based programs providing candidates with in-depth knowledge about biology, pharmacology, physiology and pathology. Duration of the MSN program varies across different educational institutes in the state, ranging from two to four years depending on the previous qualifications of candidates and their enrollment status which could be either full-time or part-time. Advanced nursing specialties offered in Delaware include Advanced Practice Nursing Roles, Health Services Administration and Advanced Pharmacology.


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