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Nursing Schools in Hartford

The historical city of Hartford is the capital of the state of Connecticut. Insurance is the most important sector in the city’s economy. The city is home to several notable educational institutions that provide high caliber academic programs in various subjects. Therefore, people aiming for the emotionally gratifying profession of nursing can find various Nursing Schools in Hartford.

The Nursing Schools in Hartford offer nursing degrees leading to the associate, bachelor and master level. The students are prepared comprehensively for passing licensing exams for becoming a registered nurse. For example, Capital Community College offers an accredited, 4-semesters program leading to an associate of science degree in nursing.

For climbing the ladder in the nursing profession, a higher level degree in nursing is quite essential. University of Hartford offers an extensive program for already registered nurses to obtain their bachelor level degree in nursing. The master’s program offers specializations in Nursing Education, Public Health and Nursing Management. Moreover, there is a post-master certificate program available for training future nurse teachers.

Nursing is a self-satisfying career, which also leads to handsome remunerations. Individuals with a degree from one of the Nursing Schools in Hartford, CT obtain high paying jobs due to their quality, state-of-the-art education.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I combine a program with administration at nursing schools in Hartford?

A:Yes, students can pursue a Bachelor program in Nursing Administration. Some of the courses included in this program are The Health Care System, Organizational Behavior, Health Assessment, Pathophysiology, Theoretical Foundations of Nursing, Human Resource Management, Research in Nursing Practice, Nursing Informatics, Biological Psychology and Professional Role Development. Prospective students can also look into online institutions offering this qualification.

Q:What are the subjects you can expect to study in nursing schools in Hartford CT?

A:Nursing Schools in Hartford CT offer different nursing programs and the subjects vary accordingly. Mostly the course work requires theoretical studies as well as laboratory work. Typically you get to study subjects that deal with physiology, human anatomy, medical terminology, patient care fundamentals and ethics, nursing practices and health care assessment processes.

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