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RN Programs in Colorado

Famous for its art, culture and outdoor recreational opportunities, Colorado is the 8th most extensive and 22nd most populace US state. Aerospace, manufacturing and bioscience are some of the industries in Colorado that have grown considerably in recent years. The state offers opportunities for higher education through its variety of postsecondary institutes that offer degree and certificate programs in a number of concentrations including engineering, nursing, information technology and more.

Colorado’s Healthcare Sector

Pursuing healthcare programs in Colorado can be a suitable option as healthcare is a major contributor to the state’s economy. Healthcare and social assistance is one of the most prominent sectors in Colorado that employed 253,000 in 2009. According to the Colorado Center of Nursing Excellence, the health care and social assistance sector is projected to grow by an additional 56,000 by 2018. As reported by the Colorado Center of Nursing Excellence, Colorado will face a considerable increase in the demand for health care due to the increasing population. Just like other healthcare occupations, demand for nurses is also likely to grow in Colorado.


RN Programs in Colorado

As the largest single occupation within the health care delivery system, Colorado’s nurses play a critical role in this regard. As the state will require thousands of nurses over the next few years, nursing schools in Colorado offer a number of programs to prepare prospective nurses meet the demand. RN programs are also offered in the state that allows students to sit for the state license exam and earn the title of a registered nurse.

RN programs in the state of Colorado include:

  • Diploma in nursing
  • Associate in nursing
  • Bachelor in nursing

These programs are geared towards providing students with an insight into the nursing practicing and patient care. Students learn about anatomy, physiology, psychology and also find out how to use medical equipment. In addition to classroom based learning, students also need to complete clinical components and internships to gain hands on experience in the field.


What courses will you study?

Ranging from foundations and contemporary issues for RNs to concepts in community health nursing, RN programs offer a variety of courses in nursing that enable students to acquire knowledge and skills. These are essential to find entry level positions in the field of nursing. In addition to covering topics in patient care, students also complete courses in managerial practices that enable them to develop communication and leadership skills. Some of the topics of study include:

  • Family health nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Health assessment
  • Nursing leadership
  • Research in nursing
  • Current trends in nursing


Where do Colorado RNs work?

According to the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, fifty-nine percent of Colorado’s registered nurses are employed in hospitals; 21 percent are employed by ambulatory health care facilities (doctors’ offices, clinics, public health, etc.), and 6 percent work in nursing and residential care facilities.


Financial Aid for Colorado Nursing Students

Colorado students who wish to enroll in RN programs can apply for a number of financial aid programs. Eligible students may get financial assistance in the form of grants, loans or scholarships to manage the cost of their nursing education. Some of the nursing scholarships students may apply for are:

  • Colorado Legion Auxiliary National President’s Scholarship
  • Colorado Legion Auxiliary Past Presidents Parley Nurses Scholarship
  • Colorado Nursing Scholarship Program
  • Metropolitan Denver Medical Societies Alliance Nursing Scholarship



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