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Nursing Schools in Colorado Springs

Often referred to as "The Springs", Colorado Springs is a prominent city in Colorado. Located in the east central portion of the state, the city offers a range of learning opportunities for those who want to pursue higher education. Healthcare, engineering, education, and more; students may choose from a number of academic programs offered at the colleges and universities in the city. There are a number of nursing schools in Colorado Springs as well that offer certificates and diplomas for those who are interested in pursuing careers in the healthcare industry. Just like the rest of the nation, demand for nurses in Colorado Springs is expected to grow between 2012 and 2022. So pursuing programs in this field may be a suitable option. The healthcare and social assistance sector in the state is projected to grow by an additional 56,000 employees by 2018 according to the Colorado Center of Nursing Excellence.

Nursing Schools in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs boasts numerous nursing schools that offer a variety of educational pathways for students who want to study nursing and acquire skills essential to starting a career as a nurse. Offering basic nursing care to patients in different healthcare settings, nurses make an important part of the healthcare sector. The nursing schools in the state offer a number of programs that offer degrees and certificate courses to prepare for the challenges of the healthcare industry.

Types of Nursing Programs in Colorado Springs

Undergraduate Degrees

Aspiring nurses in Colorado Springs may enroll in undergraduate programs in nursing to acquire the basic knowledge and skills essential for the profession. Students may pursue an associate’s degree that generally requires 2 years of full time study, or a bachelor’s degree which could be typically completed in 4 years. The exact duration of a program depends on the route that students decide to take. Completing these programs enables students to sit for the registered nurse (RN) license exam which is essential to work as a RN.

Graduate Degrees

Registered nurses who want to specialize in a particular area within nursing may pursue graduate degrees such as a master’s degree in nursing. Those who want to get into teaching or research may also enroll in these programs and acquire leadership and problem solving skills in addition to delving deeper in advanced nursing practices.

LPN Programs

Licensed practical nursing (LPN) programs are also offered at nursing schools in Colorado Springs. These programs provide students with foundational knowledge in nursing care and enable students to sit for the license exam for LPNs.


Curriculum in nursing programs in Colorado springs include a variety of courses that allows students to acquire leadership, communication, and problem solving skills in addition to helping them find out about safe and effective healthcare practices. Some of the courses students may take include:

  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy
  • Family Health Nursing
  • Health Assessment

Advanced programs may also include instruction in nursing leadership, research in nursing, and current trends in nursing.

Opportunities for Nurses in Colorado Springs

Employment opportunities for nurses in Colorado Springs are likely to grow between 2012 and 2022, according to O*Net OnLine. A large number of RNs in Colorado work in hospitals and some work in doctors’ offices, clinics, public health, and nursing and residential care facilities.

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