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Trade Schools in Arizona

Arizona is home to many trade schools that can prepare you for a variety of career paths. These schools have experienced faculty, extensive and modern resources as well as latest curriculum designed according to the needs of the present day employers. You can pursue degrees or certificates in various disciplines and acquire the skills and knowledge that would help you pursue a career in your respective field. Career outlook for several professions such as medical assistant, massage therapist, nursing aides and welders look positive from 2012 to 2022 according to the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Trade Schools in Arizona

A number of trade schools in Arizona offer degree and certificate programs to help students hone skills that can be highly useful for their future professional endeavors. In addition to the variety of programs, students can benefit from the range of facilitates that these schools offer. The schools make every effort to provide students with a blend of theory based as well as hands-on knowledge. They may be eligible to apply for financial aid in order to receive help with financing their tuition cost and other related costs at Arizona trade schools.

Types of Programs

The trade schools in Arizona offer training programs in numerous areas of study such as accounting, paralegal, nursing, marketing, and others. Programs are also available in hotel management, medical transcription, drafting, culinary arts, light commercial electricity and architectural computer-aided drafting and design technology. In each programs, students get a chance to gain hands-on experience that helps them prepare for the challenges of the professional world.

Online Training Programs

Some trade schools in Arizona also offer programs in the online format. The online degrees and certificate programs allow students to earn important credentials from virtually any location. Students can study according to their individual schedule and participate in group discussions and other class activities in the online interactive classes.

Several learning technologies are used in online courses in order to help students understand and comprehend the course content in an effective manner. They may get to use online databases, chat forums, online libraries and e-learning software that would help them acquire the required skills from any remote location.

Admissions Requirements

To enroll in the trade schools in Arizona, students need to hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Besides, they may have to submit recommendation letters, statement of intent and appear for an interview.

Career Prospects

Completing programs at trade schools in Arizona may help you become a welder, photographer, nursing aide, pc repairer or a medical assistant. You can look for work opportunities in manufacturing, construction, clinics, hospitals, and repair and maintenance services.

The income is subject to the type of job, location and experience among other factors. According to the BLS, the median annual wage for welders in 2012 was $36,300 and the median hourly wage for photographers was $13.70.

Finding a School

Though there are several trade schools in Arizona, it is strongly recommended that you look for accredited schools.


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