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Nursing Schools in Phoenix Az

Phoenix is not only the largest city in Arizona but also a seat of higher learning in the state.  The city boasts a number of postsecondary institutes that offer a variety of learning opportunities for students coming from all walks of life. Those who are interested in pursuing careers in the healthcare industry can also find a number of options in Phoenix. There are numerous nursing schools in Phoenix that prepare students for the nursing workforce, which is an indispensible part of the state’s healthcare industry. Just like the rest of the state, demand for nurses in Phoenix is likely to grow as a result of an ageing population and a number of other factors such as the retiring nursing population.

What do nurses do?

Nurses are healthcare workers who provide basic nursing care to patients in hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes, public health centers and other healthcare settings. They keep medical record of patients, advice them on various healthcare issue in addition to administering patients’ medicines and treatments. Some nurses provide general healthcare services while others specialize in a particular area within nursing.

Nursing Schools in Phoenix AZ

To become a nurse in Phoenix, AZ, students need to complete a nursing program and also obtain a license. Students who want to explore the field of nursing in Phoenix can choose from a range of options. The nursing schools in the city offer both degree and certificate programs and provide students with the knowledge and skills essential to apply for nursing positions.

Students may enroll in the undergraduate degree programs in nursing that provide basic nursing care education and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. Graduate degrees in nursing  are suitable for those who seek senior roles in nursing workforce. Completing undergraduate programs allow students to sit for the registered nurse (RN) licensure examination and obtain nursing license, which is essential to practice in the state.

The nursing schools in the city also offer LPN programs that are designed for students who seek careers as licensed practical nurses (LPNs). LPNs assist registered nurses and other healthcare professionals and make sure patients get safe nursing care. Upon completion of an LPN program, students may qualify to sit for LPN licensure examination.

What courses are included in the nursing programs?

Nursing students in Phoenix explore numerous subjects that enable them to learn about the nursing practices and find out how to provide effective nursing care to diverse populations. In addition to classroom based instruction, students also need to complete a supervised clinical experience where they gain practical experience in the field. Some of the courses of study in nursing programs include:

  • Medical surgical nursing
  • Parent-child nursing
  • Anatomy
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition
  • Mental health nursing

Career prospects for nurses in Phoenix

According to O*NET OnLine, the state of Arizona had approximately 48,660 registered nurses and 6,600 LPNs in 2012. Demand for RNs and LPNs are expected to grow between 2012 and 2022, because of developments in the healthcare technologies and the growing number of aging population.

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