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Art Schools in Arizona

Arizona is the 15th most populous state. Technology and tourism are among its most prominent industries. The state is also home to various colleges and universities that offer quality academic programs in a variety of areas of study. There are various art schools in the state as well that prepare students for careers in art related fields.

Art related professions can possibly lead to a successful career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that various jobs related to the arts are expected to grow about as fast as the average of other occupations while others are anticipated to increase faster than average. Employment for interior designers is expected to grow by 13% between 2012 and 2022. The career outlook for graphic designers is also positive with 7% anticipated job growth during the same decade.

Art Schools in Arizona

The art schools in Arizona offer a number of degree options. Students can pursue the associate, bachelor and master’s degrees in various areas of the arts. Many classes are scheduled to be held in evenings as well as on weekends. Some schools focus on the traditional art classes while others focus on computer-based art programs.

Types of Programs

Students can pursue degrees in a variety of fields such as digital filmmaking and video production, digital photography, web design, interior design as well as visual and game production/game design. Some art schools in Arizona also offer programs in the culinary arts that prepare students for careers in the food industry.

Students who want to earn a degree in the traditional arts can find plenty of courses to choose from. They can enroll in classes in drawing, ceramics, sculpture, oil paints, and many more.


A variety of topics are covered in the art programs. The exact curriculum depends on the level of degree and area of interest. Students can enroll in degrees in fine arts and studio based crafts that include areas such as sculpting, designing in 3D, advertising design, video and animation production as well as interactive media. Degrees in film may instruct students in fields such as script development and film production while animation programs include topics such as digital animation, game design and modeling.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma is essential to pursue a degree in the arts. Candidates must also have a strong portfolio as many schools consider it one of the major criteria for admission. In addition, students may have to provide an essay or statement of intent, letters of recommendation and appear for interviews as well. Other factors for admissions may vary by school.

Employment Opportunities

A degree in the arts can help you pursue a career in various industries such as TV, radio, advertising and software publishing. You can also possibly find jobs in motion picture and video industries or performing arts.

Income of graduates from art schools varies by their qualification, profession, location and experience. The BLS reports that Interior designers earned a median salary of $47,600 while the median annual salary of multimedia artists was $61,370 a year in May 2012.


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