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Master in Religious Studies

Religious studies involve looking at different belief systems and the effects that these beliefs have on individuals and societies.  Students acquire an education about the beliefs, sources and practices of various world religions. Students study religion from both an ancient and contemporary perspective. There is a great deal of crossover between religious studies and history, sociology, anthropology and philosophy.

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Program Structure and Coursework
This program is one year in duration. Candidates for Masters Programs in religious studies must have an undergraduate degree. Candidates with knowledge of at least one foreign language are preferred. During the course of the program students improve their communication skills along with their ability to think analytically and critically. Students are able to consolidate their knowledge with regards to Christianity, Islamic studies, Judaic studies and Asian religions. Taught courses include:

Philosophy of religion
Comparative religion
Religion and Conflict
Culture and religion
Religion and ethics
Modern religious thought

Careers in Religious Studies
A Master of religious studies has a variety of career options to choose from. Many such employment opportunities exist not just in the clergy, but also in schools, colleges and community welfare organizations. Masters of religious studies can work as:
Teachers/ Professors
Community outreach workers
A Master of religious studies can expect between 30,000 to 60,000 U.S Dollars a year. Masters of religious studies who enter academia can expect a steady rise in income as they acquire teaching experience.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses are taught in the Masters in Religious Studies program?

A:Amongst the basic core courses, the courses taught in the Masters in Religious Studies degree program are Modern religious thoughts, Comparative religion, Religion and ethics, Philosophy of religion, Culture and religion and Religion and Conflict.

Q:What is the duration of a Master in Religious Studies program?

A:Typically, these programs span up to 2 years. Students have the option of pursuing the Master of Religious Studies program through regular or online universities. The duration of part-time MBA or Executive MBA programs vary considerably as they are exclusively designed to fit the needs of working adults. Besides, online MBA programs in Religious Studies enable students to complete their degrees at their own pace.

Q:Which concentration areas are offered at Strayer University in a Master of Religious Studies degree program?

A:The different areas offered for specialization in a master’s degree of religious studies are: leadership, worship, divinity, biblical studies, church planting, ministerial leadership, pastoral ministry, youth ministry, Christian studies, urban ministry, theological studies, and sacred theology. The degree programs are offered online and are accredited by a recognized accrediting board.

Q:What job opportunities can students take on after completion of masters in religious studies degree program?

A:Students who complete masters in religious studies degree program can take on a number of job opportunities. Graduates can become educators and can begin teaching careers in various educational institutions. Another career option is becoming an anthropologist and study various religions and societies. Graduates can also become a youth pastor or a religious counselor and work with religious institutions, counseling youth and other individuals.

Q:What is the credit hour requirement of master of religious studies degree program?

A:The master of religious studies is a two year graduate program offered at a number of schools and colleges. The degree program comprises of around 36 credit hours. Students must attain 12 credit hours through completion of basic religious courses; the rest of the hours must be attained through completion o specialization courses chosen. The credit hour requirement may vary slightly from school to school.

Q:What are the advantages of opting for the online Master in Religious Study program?

A:The online Master in Religious Studies has several benefits over the campus based program. Most importantly, it allows students to complete the degree at their own pace alongside pursuing work opportunities. Since online programs are home based, students can take their classes whenever they want. Online Master in Religious Studies is also considered comparatively cheaper and saves up on the travel cost and the time.

Q:To get in the modern religious careers in the United States, which program do you suggest?

A:For good and promising Modern Religious careers we would strongly recommend that you opt for the American History Course from Ashworth University. This course teaches students on the different aspects of religious and historic influences on the citizens of the United States as well as the diverse variations that it has caused out of the country. The course is usually of 1 to 3 credits, depending on the level that you are trying to specialize in.

Q:Are there any Masters in Religious Studies part time programs?

A:Yes. Graduate programs are professional degrees which can be completed in part-time, accelerated, or online programs to facilitate the students. Part-time programs are often called the Executive programs for which the classes are conducted in the evening (after regular office timings). Students can take up full-time or part-time jobs and complete their graduate degree in the part time program with any of these schools: Liberty University and Grand Canyon University.

Q:How quickly can I complete my religious studies master classes?

A:Religious Studies Master classes are to be completed over a span of two years, traditionally speaking. However, students enrolled in the online Masters for Religious Studies can complete it in as much time as they see fit since the online programs are self paced and do not have any restriction on the duration of the degree. They can even complete the program in as less as one year.

Q:How can I get enrolled in the online Religious Studies Masters?

A:There is a long list of online institutes mentioned on our website offering online religious studies programs. The online Master in Religious Studies is a sought after program allowing students to complete the program at a pace of their own. Students with an undergraduate degree in a related area of specialization can submit their admission application and be enrolled in the program in a short span of time.

Q:As I read about the jobs with Masters in Religious Education, there was mention of the course on Leadership & Motivation. What is taught in this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Leadership & Motivation while going through the jobs with Masters in Religious Education. This course is worth 4 credits in total and it helps the students in developing the potential for leadership by the discovery of qualities. Students also get to comprehend visions and talents that are needed by the leaders for survival.

Q:My search about 36 credit masters in religion included a course in comparative religion. What are the contents of this course?

A:Comparative religion is an important part of masters in religion program. This course includes a brief history of all religions and compares its specific rituals, doctrines, philosophy, ethics and its pillars of faith. This course promotes critical thinking and allows the students to discover the fundamental concepts and spirituality in all religions. This course plays an important role in understanding of religions from all over the world.

Q:What is covered in the course about religion in America when attending colleges with masters in religious studies?

A:Religion in America is an important course when attending colleges with masters in religious studies. This course deals with the historical development of religion in America and its associated colonies. It also deals with the socio cultural impact of religion on the general public and investigates issues like fundamentalism. Students can search our website for a list of institutions offering this course.

Q:My search into masters in religious studies with education mentioned majors. What areas can I major in?

A:Students interested in completing a master in religious studies can major in a number of areas. These areas include biblical studies, chaplaincy studies, Christian ethics, children's ministries, global missions, pastoral studies, religious and theological studies, worship arts and youth ministries. It is an extensive subject which covers every area of the religious studies subject. Interested students are advised to search our website for a list of institutions offering this qualification.

Q:As I read about the masters of religious studies, there was mention of the course on Business Ethics. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Business Ethics while going through the Masters of Religious Studies. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to offer students with the understanding of the business law and its basic principles. Hands on experience is also added in this course for a much comprehensive understanding.

Q:Will a prospective/future employer mind that I undertook my masters in religious studies online?

A:Most employers when they meet you will be unable to tell if you have undertaken your master's program online or in a traditional classroom. This is because online programs often contain the same content as traditional programs, notwithstanding the fact that there will be minor adaption to allow the program to be taught online.

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