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Career in Religious Studies

Since the beginning, religion has been an inextricable part of human history. As humans, our faith in God defines us and unconditional belief gives us hope in the darkest of hours. There are more than twenty major religions in the world and all of them have their own specific history, system of beliefs, concepts and rituals. Religious studies programs are specifically designed to help understand these features and allow students to appreciate each and every one of them. The debate on religion has always been compelling and especially the last few years have seen it gain additional traction internationally. This is one of the main reasons for students taking an active interest in religious studies careers all across the United States.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a significant increase in religious studies jobs over the next few years. There are a number of opportunities available for students in both federal and private sectors. A career in religious studies not only promises to be lucrative but also offers challenging assignments and opportunities to study and understand other religions and cultures. In order to pursue a career in religious studies, students are required to have a deep understanding of social, political and psychological dynamics related to different populations around the world. Professionals with a religious studies qualification can find themselves working as religious leaders for different communities all across the United States or as missionaries overseas. Other job prospects include religious studies instructors at educational institutes and mainstream media commentators.    

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