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How to Get A Forensic Psychology Bachelors Degree

Forensic psychology is an exciting field that incorporates scientific research into the workings of the human brain with knowledge of the law. Individuals who obtain bachelor’s degrees in this major may work in law enforcement, academic settings, mental health institutions, correctional facilities, and may be called to testify in court cases. Individuals who have four-year bachelor’s degrees may work under the supervision of a psychologist with a doctorate degree.

It is important for a person considering a career in forensic psychology to ascertain whether this field is a fit in terms of personality traits and tendencies. Those who successfully complete studies to work in this field are typically patient, trustworthy, adaptable, and unbiased. They should also have high levels of communication, research, and analysis abilities. Because they will be working with teams of professionals, it is beneficial for them to have good people and teamwork skills.

Along with completing the degree program, it is favorable for students to gain experience through volunteering or interning.  For example, interested individuals might volunteer at a correctional facility working with adults or youth. They might also consider interning in a law office under the mentorship of firms that utilize the services of forensic psychologists.

In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree, students will need to take core classes in police psychology, victimology, crime psychology, and correctional psychology to name a few. Undergraduates will also have to complete general studies college requirements in courses such as English grammar and composition, basic math, social studies, and science. These additional courses are included to round out the students’ education.

Additional studies and certifications may be helpful, depending on which branch of forensic psychology one intends to concentrate on. He or she may focus on adolescent development if the plan is to work with juveniles. Other areas that this professional may provide counseling or services in are substance abuse, child custody issues, domestic violence, and/or arson. If the professional plan is to become an expert witness, it will take several years of work experience to gain that certification.


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