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Career in Legal/Paralegal

The criminal justice system is a great place to work and a career in Legal Paralegal is a good way to get into the field without having to pass the bar. There are a large amount of careers in Legal Paralegal that offer competitive salary rates and a great number of career growth perspectives. The average yearly salary of a legal paralegal is around $50,000. Some of the places within the criminal justice system where Paralegal careers are possible include:

  • Private law firms
  • Real estate
  • Banking legal departments
  • Government departments
  • Corporations
  • Accountancy companies

What do Legal/Paralegal Professionals Do?
A legal paralegal professional mainly works closely with lawyers and other members of the criminal justice sector. While they do not practice law themselves, their vast knowledge of the legal system allows them to assist lawyers and lawmakers in their tasks. Some of the tasks performed by legal paralegal professionals include drafting statements, collecting evidence, preparing paperwork and investigative duties. These professionals can also work as legal advisors for companies that require assistance when drafting contracts and company procedures.

Legal/Paralegal Programs
Before someone can embark upon a career in Legal Paralegal, they will need to get the right education.  Basic certifications and diplomas can get one started within the criminal justice system in no time while more advanced degrees like 2 year Associate's programs and 3-4 year Bachelor's programs can lead to better Paralegal careers.

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