Duke University Financial Aid

About Duke University
Located in Durham, NC, Duke University is one of the leading research institutes. It was established in 1838 and has 2 undergraduate and 10 graduate and professional schools. There are about 6,526 undergraduates and 8,220 graduate and professional students pursuing education at DU. Students with diverse career objectives can enroll in degree programs of their choice at this prestigious university. They can enroll in programs in various concentrations such as medical, law, nursing, business and more.

Duke University Financial Aid
Duke university financial aid is designed to facilitate students who want to pursue higher education at this institute. This university offers a wide array of financial aid programs that enable students to get their hand on funds to manage their tuition and other related costs such as books, meals, living, travelling etc.
Types of Duke University Financial Aid
Depending on the eligibility of the students, they can apply for financial aid Duke in the form of Duke financial aid for undergraduate and graduate students, work study programs, scholarship, grants and student loans.  Grants and scholarships include need-based grants and scholarships, merit scholarships as well as athletic scholarships. Federal loan programs such as Stafford and Plus are also offered at DU. Work study programs include Duke work study programs as well as federal work study programs. Outside scholarships as well as private loans are also available for students who want to pursue programs at Duke. Through these programs students can manage Duke University tuition in an easy way and pursue their career objectives effectively.
How to Apply for Duke University Financial Aid?
To apply for Duke University financial aid students need to complete the FAFSA. They should also contact the university's financial aid office to know their options. Students should go through all the details of the aid programs so that they may know which plan can be most suitable for them. It is also imperative to be a U.S citizen to apply for Duke University financial aid. Other than the financial status of students, the university also considers other factors while granting financial aid. These may include dependency status and enrollment status of students.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How can I apply for duke financial aid?

A:In order for you to get assistance from Dukefinancial aid office you should fill out the FAFSA form. The information you provide on this form allows the university to understand your financial need and formulate an aid package accordingly. You financial need is the difference between cost of attendance and expected family contribution.

Q:Could you guide me about the Duke University Financial Aid Deadlines and the option of student employment in this matter?

A:The deadline for applying for The Duke University financial aid was July 1, 2012. As far as the option of student employment as financial aid is concerned, yes there are lots of employment opportunities available at the Duke University for students looking for employment on campus to pay for their education. Some jobs are year round while others are random opportunities which come and go.

Q:Can you give me information on Duke University financial aid?

A:Duke University financial aid is available for students who enroll in its program. The financial aid options it offers can be checked at the time of admission. The university offers scholarships, grants, work study programs and several loan options to help students manage the financial expenses. Federal loans can also be applied for at Duke University by filling the FAFSA form online.

Q:What is Duke University Financial Aid?

A:Duke University believes in helping students who cannot afford the costs of college degrees. The university offers a wide range of financial aid programs that are designed to suit the financial needs of students. These include: student loans, grants, scholarships, and work study programs. The eligibility criteria for each of the aid programs are different.

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