French is the third most studied language in the world, after Spanish and English. There are around 136 million people whose native language is French and more than 300 million speak it as their second language. French is the official language in 30 countries. French has been, and still continues to be a language of diplomacy, literature, romance and art.

With numbers and reasons such as these, you can imagine what an asset learning this language can be. The ideal way to go about this learning process would be to study French abroad and completely immerse yourself in the very cultures that it is spoken in. This way your command over the language would be greater and you would know the context of every word you speak or write.

Courses in French Study Abroad Programs

One of the best things about choosing to learn a language like French is the variety of ways and places you can learn it in. Have a look:

  • University Courses: This can be done by enrolling directly in a foreign university to be a part of one of their programs. In this case, you will enroll in classes like any other student would. Classes will be taught in French and you will be treated as a native student, in terms of grading, housing and meal options. You should go for a program like this if you enjoy a good challenge, since no one would give you extra credit for not being a native French speaker. You will, however, have to put in a lot of individual effort in the initial transition phase.
  • Language Study and Cultural Immersion Programs: This would be typically an all inclusive package with housing, meals and class enrollment all taken care of by the third-party you are applying through. You should go for this option if you want the entire experience to be smooth and pretty much effortless. Even though this would be the most expensive option, you should go for it if you are looking for the least amount of stress. The third-party in this case would also provide for cultural excursions, such as trips, local etiquette teaching and outings such as concerts and movies.
  • Language Study and Internship Combination Programs: If you intend on making french a part of your career plans, then this kind of a program would suit you the most. In this case, you would be learning and using the language simultaneously.

Where to Study French Abroad?

This would be a vital concern for you while you plan your study abroad program. One would think that the best place to learn French would be France itself. However, there are numerous world-class French programs that you can go for in other places as well, such as West Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

  • Paris, France: For many students who want to learn French, Paris would be the city of their dreams. And rightly so. The city has countless opportunities for learning the language along with a wonderful lifestyle that you are bound to fall in love with. There are cafes around every corner and drinking wine is cheaper than water. Paris is an excellent choice for students who are looking for the big city feel and everything that comes with it.
  • Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire: This is the happening and exciting economic center of West Africa and is the third-largest French-speaking city in the world. It is a fascinating mix of African, Arab and French cultures and is ideal for students who are looking for a truly unique experience. The lower cost of living here, along with the wonderful places to see make this city a really good option for French study abroad students.
  • Quebec, Canada: Quebec is a French speaking region in Canada. The province has a rich lifestyle and an interesting culinary history. The region has plenty of variety to ensure that there is something for everyone. You can go for the exciting big city life and the cosmopolitan experience or you could select a study French abroad program in a more rural area. If you are coming in from the US, Quebec would be a good option for studying French, since it will help you avoid plane tickets and baggage fees.

French is a challenging language to learn, but once you get the foundational grammar and nasal truncation right, you will find it quite easy to speak and write. So start researching into the potential study French abroad programs now and make a well informed decision.