Seoul is both the capital and the largest city of South Korea. It is one of the most notable cities in the world and particular an epicenter of East Asia in terms of culture, business and history. In addition, Seoul also boasts excellent educational institutes, making it an ideal place to seek higher education. If you are planning to study abroad in Asia, Seoul is the perfect destination.

But surely, you will need more convincing than this. Have a look at the reasons why you should choose to study abroad in Seoul.

Why Seoul?

  • Business in Asia is booming: And Seoul happens to be at the heart of it all. According to the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index in 2013 by Deloitte and the US Council on Competitiveness, Asia will continue to move upwards in the business world. With such a happening business environment, international students certainly have a lot to learn in Seoul.
  • The Advance Technology: Korea is a technology-rich nation, with Seoul at the center of its technological advancement. The internet facilities are so advanced that you can practically watch television on your smartphone on the Subway back home. In addition to that, industrial giants like Samsung are widespread in the city and nearly everyone owns a ton of cool electronic gadgets.
  • Public Transport System: Since Koreans are big on technological advancements, the public transport system in Seoul is fast and efficient as well. In addition to that, it is also very cost-effective, safe and clean. Since the cost of fuel here is high, and the roads are congested with cheap taxis, the public transport system is actually much better than personal cars or taxis.
  • Food in Seoul: The city offers a wide variety of cheap and good food. Eating Korean cuisine  is very budget friendly. Stock up on local groceries on a weekly or monthly basis and you can save a lot. Keep in mind though that the western styled products and groceries in the city are far more costly than the local produce.
  • Housing in Seoul: As international students, your ideal and the cheapest option for housing would be to stay in the university owned hostels. If that is not an option for you, you can always choose to rent an apartment with a group of friends and split the cost. Apartments in the city will often come equipped with a washing machine, gas range, and air conditioning. Older buildings may not have these amenities, but the newer ones certainly do.

Places to See in Seoul

The city is full of wonderful sites and locations you can visit and enjoy. Have a look:

  • Gyeongbokgyg: A beautiful historic palace you can tour
  • N Seoul Tower: A high tower with city views and a restaurant
  • War Memorial of Korea: Has a large collection of war exhibitions, vehicles and monuments
  • National Museum of Korea: It is considered the modern home of Korea’s cultural exhibits
  • National Folk Museum of Korea: This is the ideal place to visit if you want to take a deep look into the history of Korean customs and culture
  • Gwanghwamun: A beautifully constructed historic palace and a musical theatre
  • Deoksugung: This is a palace you have to visit to enjoy the famous Royal Guard ceremony
  • Bongeunsa: This is a Buddhist temple, dating from 794 AD

Universities in Seoul

This would be perhaps your major concern. Research well into the options available to you as an international student and make a well-informed decision. Here are some options you might want to consider:

  • Seoul National University: The founding of this university dates back to the late nineteenth century when the Korean ruler Gojong established a modern institute of advanced education. The university offers amazing masters programs in social sciences, engineering, art and design and computer sciences.
  • Yonsei University: Considered one of the oldest private universities in the country, this institute was created in 1885 by Christian missionaries. The university currently has more than 300,000 alumni spread all over the world. It offers programs in business and management, humanities, natural sciences and law.
  • Hanyang University: This institute opened its gates in 1939 and believes in the principle of consistent innovation and service to the community. The university takes great pride in its alumni and cites them as the “Engine of Korea”.
  • Ewha Womans University: The University has a wonderful campus life with a large international student population from all over the world (more than 80 countries). Ewha also has an advance University Health Center that provides students with health and medical treatments.
  • Korea University: This institute has different campuses including the Anam Campus, the Sejong Campus and the three auxiliary hospitals. Korea University believes in the principles of inclusiveness, harmony and strong unity across organizations and urges traditions of loyalty and unity to its vast student body.

Thing to Know Before Travelling to Seoul

 Before packing your bags and moving to Seoul for a study abroad program, you are advised to give some thought to the following matters.

  • Pack for Different Seasons: Seoul, along with most of South Korea experiences extreme summers and winters, and these last much longer than autumn and spring. There is also a month of high humidity in the summers
  • The Hello Kitty Café: Do visit this interesting café while you are in Seoul
  • You will usually sit on the floors and eat – Even in the restaurants
  • Koreans will not smile as they pass you by. Don’t take this personally. In this country, a nod or a bow is the sign of respect you need to get used to
  • Practice a bit of Korean before travelling – Or be prepared to be on Google Translate constantly
  • No Swimsuits – Koreans do not wear special swimming costumes. They would prefer swimming in their regular clothes. They are also not fond of women revealing their shoulders or cleavage in public. Shorts are alright though
  • Shops usually open around 10/10:30 am and close around 8pm to 10pm

No matter how much time you invest in researching the South Korean lifestyle and the life in Seoul, you have to experience the city to truly enjoy all that it is about. So enroll in a study abroad Seoul program and head on over to the South Korean Capital.


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    South Korea
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    South Korean won (KRW)