If you have never considered studying abroad, and you have the means, its time you start giving this idea some serious thought. It might actually end up being a wonderful experience. Imagine finishing college in a different country, spending time with the different kinds of people there, experiencing unique aspects of various cultures and most of all, gathering stories and memories that will last you a lifetime. Have a look at this list of 10 locations that are some of the best options for you.

  • Dublin: Architecturally, economically and historically, Dublin is one of the best places to go to for a study abroad program. It is the center of education in the country and is home to almost twenty higher education institutes.
  • Paris: The city of love, fashion and the timeless masterpiece, Eiffel Tower. The city is full of culture with the many museums, traditional cafes and lots to see. If you have even a minor interest in culture and arts, Paris is the place for you.
  • Madrid: The vibrancy of the Spanish culture here should be enough to make you want to come here. The paella and flamenco dancers in the exotic Madrid would win you over pretty soon. Madrid is a metropolitan city, ideal for those looking for a cultural experience with the big city life.
  • Barcelona: The amazing food here and the wonderful Mediterranean climate will provide you with the perfect backdrop to begin your studies in Spain. The clubbing life, pork-filled tapas and wine that is consumed by the gallons would have you enjoying the Catalan life to the fullest.
  • Rome: The people that created empires all across Europe and beyond are now some of the most welcoming folks in the world. Home to numerous gods and goddesses, Rome is ideal for people who have an interest in art, religion and battle stories. Rome is the place to be.
  • Amsterdam: Amsterdam has pretty much everything you could ever want in your college life (along with legal marijuana!). The city is warm and welcoming, and the people here are very helpful. And with English being one of the most prevalent languages, you might not even feel so far away from home.
  • Zurich: This city is a living impersonation of the ‘peace’ that Switzerland is all about. With mountains, lakes, culture, economic prosperity and financial stability all in one place, the peacefulness of Zurich is certainly something worth experiencing.
  • Berlin: Home to some of the most inventive and fascinating art pieces, musicians and writers, Berlin is a city full of culture. With numerous museums dedicated to all sorts of things, there is a never-ending amount of interesting activities to enjoy here.
  • Manchester: London might be calling, but the complete British experience that you can get in Manchester is something you won’t find elsewhere. The city has three major universities and lots of degree options for international students. If you want to have some good and cheap fun, Manchester is the city you need to come to.
  • Budapest: The perfect city for those of you who are broke. It happens to be one of the cheapest places to hang out in Europe. The city is immersed in history and culture and is often called the Paris of the East. If you are looking for a diverse experience that would be easy on the pocket as well, Budapest would be your ideal study abroad location.

These 10 cities have some of the most amazing educational institutes and programs for international students. They also do everything they can to accommodate students coming in from all over the world and ensure that the transition process is simple and easier.

Tips for International Students

When travelling to a different city, halfway across the world, there are certain things you should try to bear in mind:

  • Think about where you want to stay and how much money you are willing to spend on accommodation
  • Plan your transport options well in advance. You will have the option of air travel, trains, buses, subways, taxis, and even bicycles
  • Make a food budget and try to stick to it. Buy your groceries in bulk and cook several meals at a time. Do not spend too much money on eating out every other night
  • Whenever you are stuck or lost, always ask for help. You don’t want to end up in some strange town just because you didn’t ask for directions

Keep in mind these few things and you will be all set to enjoy the ten amazing destinations above.