Even though you might be hesitant at first, studying abroad can be a wonderful opportunity of growth and development. Travelling and studying together sounds like the best deal there is with education. Therefore, every student should try and incorporate some amount of world travel in their academic plan.

However, if you still need more convincing, here are another 25 reasons to study abroad that you might want to consider.

  1. It would improve your employment opportunities: Your study abroad experiences are something that will most likely impress a potential employer, right from the time of your interview. Companies around the world are investing in the global market and would preferably hire individuals who have international experience.
  2. It would help you learn a new language: Learning a new language is not as simple as enrolling in a language course. The best way to truly grasp a new language is to immerse yourself in the culture that speaks it. With certain languages, you will have more than one option. For instance, Spanish is not only spoken in Spain, but its various dialects are in use in countries such as Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and many others.
  3. It would be far from a typical holiday experience: Living in a foreign country, as opposed to travelling through a foreign country on a holiday are two vastly different experiences. You will actually get to live the local life and learn a great deal about the local culture while studying abroad.
  4. You would get to meet different kinds of people: Universities with international student programs host students from a large variety of countries from all over the world. So not only will you get to meet the local folk of your host country, but you will also get to meet a global student population.
  5. You would make lifelong friends: Going to study abroad can be difficult at first. Those who make it through with you to the other end are most likely going to remain your friends for all times to come.
  6. You would relish new & exciting foods: Whether it is paella, poutine, schnitzel, chimichanga, baklava, bobotie, shawarma or katsudon, you will most certainly get to experience exciting new flavors and enjoy the local traditional cuisines.
  7. You would learn to be independent: Living on your own, managing your budget, meals, transport, residence, safety and security, will most certainly give you a complete taste of total independence. This independence is likely to make you self-sufficient and more responsible of your duties, not only for the duration of your program, but also when you return home.
  8. You would gain a greater degree of knowledge of different cultures: International colleges are like global hubs. You will learn about the different cultures, their people, customs and traditions. This will teach you a greater amount of cultural sensitivity and tolerance towards all kinds of people.
  9. You would get to see your own culture through a different lens: While you might regard your culture as the best, living in another country might change your opinions. People with varying perspectives will help you see things you might have ignored before. This will allow you to develop your views instead of just accepting those defined by people where you happen to come from.
  10. You would learn more about yourself: Placing yourself in a completely new environment will help you understand your own self better. You will learn about the things you are good at and those that you need to work on a bit more. 
  11. You would get a chance to be spontaneous and adventurous: What’s college life without a little bit of adventure and thrill? You are young and full of energy and enthusiasm to gather new experiences. Being in a new place will give you a chance to bring out your adventurous side. Whether it is local traditions you decide to follow or adventures like trekking and sky-diving you opt to go for, studying abroad can be a complete adventure.
  12. You would learn to appreciate the smaller things in life: Living and studying abroad means that you will most likely have fewer possessions. And being so far away from home, you will be forced to make the most of whatever you have. In addition to that, you will need to budget your own lifestyle, which will teach you the value of hard-earned money and careful spending.
  13. You’d learn to love and appreciate your family more: All the arguments you have had with your parents and siblings would start to seem pointless when you’re thousands of miles away from them. You would truly learn to appreciate the things they did for you, once they are not around you. Whether it was your mother making breakfast, or sister giving you her clothes, you would start to love your family and relatives for all the goodness they have brought into your life.
  14. You would develop an international network: Having the opportunity to meet people from across the world will give you friends in every other country. This will help you create a global network for yourself that you can use while travelling abroad at any later point in your life.
  15. You would be eligible for international student discounts: Student discounts are fun anywhere, but they are even more enjoyable when you are shopping in some unique shop in a new country with strange looking currency notes.
  16. You can take advantage of the international student funding: One of the things most students worry about is the expense of studying abroad. Lucky for you, international student funding, aids and scholarships are becoming a lot more common than ever before. Some countries are even making tuition fee for all students, including international ones, free.
  17. You can take advantage of this ‘ideal time’ to travel: Being a student, you may not have any dependents or a mortgage or an upper limit of 21 holidays a year. Once you get settled down with commitments such as these, chances are that you will not be travelling much.
  18. Your social media updates would be the best: These will literally have all your friends wishing that they could be in your shoes, enjoying things that they have probably never even seen.
  19. You may live with a host family: This can benefit you in two ways – the host family can become your family away from home. This is something you will appreciate when you are really missing your folks back home. And the second benefit would be the direct insight you will get into the local life and customs, helping you become more culturally sensitive.
  20. You may do a part-time job teaching English: If you are coming in from an English-speaking nation, you can turn that into a job opportunity by teaching your language to the locals. Make sure, however, that you check your school’s and international program’s policies regarding this.
  21. You can take advantage of the exchange rates: If you are coming from a country with a stronger economy than that of the country you are going to, you can take advantage of this disparity and make your money last longer.
  22. You would learn to have valuable conversations with your loved ones: More often than not, being far away from your family teaches you to specially take time out to have a meaningful catching-up session with them.
  23. You would get to try every place’s special activities: If you are near the Alps, learn to ski; if you are in a market town, learn to barter, if you are by the sea, try kite surfing, if there is a famous skyscraper nearby, climb to the top of it (assuming that it is legal)!  
  24. You can actually consider having a career abroad: While living in your home country, the idea of a career abroad can be very daunting. But once you have already spent time in another country, the idea of working abroad will not sound that terrifying.
  25. You will acquire new qualities: The best part is that a study abroad experience will inculcate some amazing qualities in you, such as confidence, networking skills, independence, hard work and so on.

This is NOT an exhaustive list. To truly benefit from studying abroad, you’ll actually have to study abroad.