Thanks For Making US What We Are Today Happy Teacher's Day

Every year on October 5, people all over the world celebrate World Teacher’s Day. Officially inaugurated by UNESCO in 1994, this day offers us the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions made by teachers in our lives.

Going to school is an opportunity for students to make educational strides and develop the skills and confidence necessary in order to go out and give back to society. It is teachers who play that vital role in grooming us to be able to tackle these challenges, and for that, the least we can give back to them is our gratitude.

On World Teacher’s Day, people take time out to reflect on the impact that teachers have had on their lives. There are teachers who have helped students realize the extent of their potential, lent a much needed helping hand in times of need, and provided the inspiration and encouragement to students to follow through on their dreams.

We all have at least one teacher who has had a profound impact on our lives. This year, show them how much you appreciate all that they’ve done by taking a moment to thank them. Grooming future movers and shakers is no easy task and teachers deserve to be recognized and appreciated for their tireless efforts.


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