What Are The Top 5 Reasons Someone Should Attend Walden University

Walden University is a private higher education institution that is predominantly an online college, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The university offers a variety of programs, including Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Health, Master of Public Administration, Doctor of Education, Education Specialist, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration in a number of different academic fields. 80% of the university’s students are enrolled at the master’s or doctoral degree levels.

The University is a part of a global network that has 80 colleges in 29 countries, under the umbrella of Laureate Education Inc. Some of the institutions are for-profit, while others are public benefit universities. It is accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission and is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1990.

Established in 1970 by two New York teachers, Rita and Bernie Turner, the college network has experienced widespread expansion over the years and come a long way from its initial goal of creating a program just for adults who want to pursue doctoral degrees. Now the university offers a variety of degrees and a huge variety of areas of study.

What are the top 5 reasons someone should attend Walden University?

Walden University certainly sounds like a wonderful place to get a degree from.  But for those of you that need a little extra convincing on why to choose this university for your educational goals, here are 5 reasons why you should consider attending Walden University:

Diverse Culture:

Diversity is the perfect teacher of many values. Being in a diversified culture will make you more tolerant of differences, and teach you how to accept people for who they are. The university has more than 52,600 students in all 50 states and in more than 155 countries. Being a part of a community that has such a widespread population exposes students to newer experiences and greater understanding of trivial global concerns. Interacting with students that come from areas far away from you, will help you understand the variety of cultures more easily and will also assist in landing you connections everywhere, something you will greatly appreciate when you are job hunting, or even travelling around.

Esteemed Faculty:

One of the factors that Walden is known for is its faculty members and their teaching methodology. The faulty here is focused on your success and includes scholars, leaders and researchers who have a vast amount of knowledge on the subject they are teaching. For doctoral students, Walden faculty members are a true blessing, given the amount of help and support they provide. Mentors, assessors and dissertation partners are appointed by the university to ensure you have help on every step of the way, from discussing your research interests, to working with members whose expertise match your chosen research area and providing guidance through the dissertation proposal and research and analysis. The university also has specific award to recognize the commitment and efforts of the faculty. Awards such as the Bernard L. Turner Award, Faculty Excellence Award, Frank Dilley Award for Outstanding Doctoral Study, Rita Turner Award and the Presidential Award for Faculty Excellence are given to the instructors at the university to honor their achievements in teaching and academic abilities. What makes Walden’s faculty so great is the fact that its members are knowledgeable and learned and have a very friendly and helpful behavior and possess good teaching skills. And this is why the students shower them with respect and praise.

Ideal for Online Education Students:

For those students who are looking for online programs, due to prior professional commitments or personal concerns, Walden is certainly one of the best options available. The convenience and flexibility options for students at Walden ensure that you don’t have to adhere to strict class timings and can create a schedule that suits your daily routine the most. For instance, if you are working in the morning, you can catch up in the evening online. Similarly if you are busy during the week, you can catch up at your own time, during holidays or whatever free time your other commitments allow you. Online students can simply log on to the university’s Learning Management System when they find the time and look at the study materials, pending notifications or find out about upcoming quizzes and assessments. And to ensure that the engagement levels are maintained even with online education, the university ensures that students interact with each other and professors in discussion forums.


Walden University believes in making education accessible to all. The University aims to transform lives by granting a large number of scholarships and various financial aid packages. It offers more than $60 million in scholarships, grants and financial assistance to ensure that potential students are not barred from any opportunities due to money troubles. The eligibility criterion for these scholarships and aids is clearly listed on the University’s official website. There are various saving options for students based on where they are located (in the US or abroad); this includes US military members and veterans. Walden University also has an alumni savings plan and a family savings plan that you can look into at the time of application. All of these efforts contribute to making Walden University one of the most affordable, especially for students looking for higher education opportunities.

The Right Attitude:

One thing that you would find nearly all Walden alumni praising about is the friendly attitude of everyone, from the teachers to the support staff and the administrators. You will experience a warming sense of being cared for by your professors, your peers and everyone involved. The student support services include academic support, career services, personal advisors, disability services, library and research support and technology support. Add to that the principle of lifelong impact for students and making a positive social impact as an organization on the society, Walden is a college that genuinely cares – and it shows.

Walden University is an outstanding academic institute that strives to provide the best education along with the best attitude and the highest quality instruction. So whether you want to refresh your skills in a particular area or simply want to improve your expertise and widen your skill set, Walden is the place you need to give some serious consideration to. With a large student body satisfied with the services and operations of the institution, there is no denying the goodwill of Walden University. These five reasons are a mere preview of what the University actually has to offer. For the complete package, you will have to experience it to believe it.


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