What Are The Top 5 Reasons Someone Should Attend Kaplan University

Formed in 1932, as American Institute of Commerce (AIC) in Davenport, Iowa, Kaplan University has now evolved into a global name in the world of higher education. With the involvement of Stanley H. Kaplan, the educational organization started to become the leader and innovator in tutoring and tests preparation. AIC and Kaplan joined hands in 2001 to create Kaplan College, with 34 students enrolled in online classes.

Today, Kaplan University has become a household name and has expanded its programs all over. It now offers a variety of programs at bachelors and masters level. There are countless reasons for you to want to attend this university. But to narrow things down, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why someone should attend Kaplan University:

Great Variety of Programs

The idea of having so many choices with online degrees sounds like a highly attractive one for sure. The University offers a large number of options to cater to a growing student population’s needs and preferences. There are programs in the areas of Business, Education, Technology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, Legal Studies, Nursing, Special Military Programs, Psychology, Public Administration, Human Services and so on. There is practically something for everyone at Kaplan University. In addition to degree programs, the University offers certificates as well. It caters to those looking for single courses as well, for the sake of additional knowledge on a subject. So whether you are looking for academic excellence or career advancement, Kaplan University is the place you need to consider.

The Online Factor

The surge in online education is perhaps one of the best things that have happened in the world of high quality instruction. This mode of education has become the ideal solution for a wide array of people with other professional or personal commitments they cannot choose to ignore.  Online education has also become the solution for people who are hoping for academic excellence in their relevant field – hoping to get the degree that so many of us fail to get on time. And Kaplan University is a renowned leader in the online education domain. One of the oldest players in the game, they understand the field better than anyone else. Having seen it evolve from something that no one took seriously, to a global phenomenon, Kaplan University is certainly at the top of matters. So if you plan on getting an online degree, what better place to go to than the one with great experience and a promise of high value addition.

Accredited University

In a world ridden with hoaxes and scams, accreditation is practically the most important matter. And Kaplan University has just the right set of accreditations from relevant bodies. The institute is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC). In addition, the online Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Addictions is accredited by the National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC). The Program Management Institute Global Accreditation Center has granted accreditation to the Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in project management and Master of Science in Management with a concentration in project management. Similarly, Public Safety programs are recognized by the US Fire Administration as official Fire and Emergency Services Education Institute. Nearly all of the programs offered at Kaplan are accredited by trustworthy bodies, so students can be sure of the quality education they are receiving.

Committed Educators

One thing that is absolutely great about the university is its supportive and qualified staff. For people looking to go into online education, one of the biggest concerns is the fear of the unknown. But the friendly and helpful staff and professors at the university make it easier for you to adjust into this unique college experience. In keeping with its goal of remaining committed to the process of quality education, the university has a program called Kaplan Commitment. This allows you to take free of cost trial at the university to determine whether the system will work for you or not. This trial period lasts for 3 weeks, giving prospective students plenty of time to figure out if they wish to continue. The amount of personalized attention at Kaplan in terms of financial, educational and admission advice will help you take every step with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. Whether it is explaining to you your financial aid options or helping you choose the right courses according to your goals, the university is supportive throughout.

Honoring the Military

If you happen to be a veteran or from a military family, Kaplan University has special benefits and financial aid options for you. Soldiers are eligible for special tuition assistance after they have successfully completed 1 year of service following graduation from OCS, AIT or BOLC. Similar assistance options are also available for members of Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guards. You are advised to read up on the GI Bill Benefits, Federal Financial Aid and the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Options are also available for military spouses under the MyCAA program and spouses and children might also be awarded military-specific scholarships by the university or affiliated organizations. All of this information is available in detail on the university’s official website.

Kaplan University is a global leader in the world of online education. 89% of the respondents in one of the annual surveys conducted by the university believed that their education at Kaplan met their expectations and 82% are likely to recommend it to others. 88% reported that their education was in line with their ultimate career goals. With numbers like these, there should be little doubt in your mind regarding the standard of education at Kaplan University.


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