Top Online Affordable Computer Science Education Universities

Getting an online degree in computer science could give you a competitive edge in the job market. Individuals who are familiar with software engineering, multiple programming languages, networks, and web services are in high demand, and may seek employment in a wide variety of fields.

For some prospective computer science students, enrolling in a traditional university and attending classes is just not possible for a number of reasons including family and work obligations. Furthermore, traditional programs are very expensive. For this reason, many have opted to pursue online, or distance degrees. Online degrees in computer science are available from a number of reputable colleges and universities and are quite affordable.

Listed below are some of the top affordable online degree programs in computer science education.

Trident University International

Trident University offers students the chance to enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, which can prepare them for a career in a variety of fields. The program teaches students the fundamentals of computer science and also provides them with the tools and skills required to meet the future needs in the world of computing. The university also offers students the chance to choose a specific concentration such as Web Services or Web Programing.

Trident also does well in rankings – Best Value Schools ranked them number 2 on their ‘Top 10 Cheap Online Computer Programming Degree Programs’ in 2014.

Florida Institute of Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems offered at Florida Institute of Technology takes a unique approach to computer science. Students benefit from enrolling in a degree which is interdisciplinary in nature. That means that the courses that are offered in this program draw upon various disciplines such as business and liberal arts in addition to computer information systems. The result is a degree which is more holistic and prepares students for work in a number of different careers. Through the virtual campus, students may develop their own personal networks, work through practical problems, and access a wealth of materials and resources.

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland offers a computer science degree, which prepares students to deal with hardware systems and computer software in both government and commercial settings. This accredited undergraduate program in computer science explores all of the latest trends in computing technology, and therefore remains relevant to the present day needs in the field of computer science. Some of the latest trends that the degree has explored include social media and networking, simulation, and gaming. Learning these skills will help to give you a competitive edge in the job market. In addition, the University of Maryland is an affordable institution which has offered over 81% of its students financial assistance.

University of Phoenix

The Bachelor of Science degree offered at the University of Phoenix in computer science is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge based on what career path they intend to follow. Some of the areas that students can choose to focus on include software development, systems analysis, or information security. In addition to the training that students receive in the field of computer science, they also gain an understanding and appreciation for business concepts, which are closely related to the field of computer science. The University of Phoenix consistently ranks highly, including in 2012, when the U.S. News & World Report ranked it number 5 in its list of top online bachelor’s degree programs.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University has been named as a ‘Centre of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance’ by both the Department of Homeland Security and NSA. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree offered at Colorado Tech has two specializations: cyber security and information technology. The university prepares graduates to take on advanced roles in the field in both the private and public sector.

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