Teacher Catchphrases You May Want to Steal

Growing up, there are certain individuals who have a profound impact on our lives. These individuals could include parents, loved ones, and teachers. Teachers in many ways help to mold young students in very important ways. There are some teachers who have signature sayings or mantras; little pearls of wisdom that they try and instill in their students. These ‘catchphrases’ are intended to inspire students, to help them push their boundaries and achieve their goals. Some teachers have had such a profound impact on their students that the catchphrases they frequently used in their classrooms are now life mottos for many of those students.

The Power of the Catchphrase

How can a simple catchphrase change someone’s life? Some of the phrases that teachers have used to inspire their students have stuck with them throughout the years. Whenever these students find themselves in a tricky situation, they think back to the simple lessons they learned in the four walls of their classroom all those years ago. Many of these catchphrases have helped people follow their dreams and keep going when times got tough.

8 Catchphrases You May Want to Steal

Here are eight catchphrases that some teachers have used which have left a lasting impression on former students.

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly

Failure is not the end of the world. In fact, failing at anything is one of the best ways to learn. By stumbling, you get the chance to find your footing and explore alternative ways of doing things. As one teacher told their class, don’t be afraid to do things because of the fear of failure. Using what you have, exactly where you are right now, do something, anything. If you fail, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Good enough is not good enough

Sometimes, we set the bar too low for ourselves. By lowering our expectations, we make it seem like reaching the destination is a piece of cake. When one student heard his teacher say ‘good enough is not good enough’ something clicked inside of him. He realized that the higher you set the bar, the more you’ll push yourself to achieve your goals. And there’s always more to achieve.

Learners first, friends second, but the best is being friends who are learners

When you’re in school, there’s a marked difference between learners and friends. Learners are individuals who will push you and challenge you. Friends, while they may be great, may intellectually hold you back. That’s why it’s important to find friends who also happen to be learners. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit

This catchphrase illustrates the importance of a positive attitude. If you’re given something, be it a situation or a tangible object, accept it graciously and without judgment. Many times, due to unrealistic expectations, we expect to receive specific things and when we don’t get them, we throw a fit. This teacher happened to be a kindergarten teacher and decided to impart this piece of wisdom to her students early on in life.

When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME

Assumptions, when not backed up by any hard evidence or facts, can be dangerous. It is ignorant to make assumptions without taking the time to get all the information. This catchphrase clearly illustrates that assumptions don’t serve anyone well and they are best avoided.

Go forth and do great things

Simple encouragement can have a profound impact on people. One teacher believed that it was very important to consistently remind her students to go forth and do great things. It’s a great motto to live by.

Never do anything for the first time

Practice makes perfect, and that’s why you should never do anything for the first time. Be prepared for anything in life by making a habit out of doing ‘dress rehearsals’. This will ensure that whenever you’re doing anything, you’ll be confident because you’re not doing it for the first time.

To be good at anything, you have to be a great listener

For one student, their teachers’ insistence on becoming a better listener stuck with him throughout his life. Being good at most things requires that you be attentive, and so much of that involves being a good listener. If you can get into the habit of listening to people and what’s happening around you, you’ll be able to be good at anything.


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