Importance of PhD in Computer Science

As job markets saturate with individuals who have a high school diploma or undergraduate degrees, the importance of acquiring higher education has started to rise sharply.  More people are now beginning to realize the significance of professional degrees and PhD’s, especially in regard to their earning potential and the future employment opportunities.

Computer Science is one of the many such disciplines that have seen tremendous development in recent years after an initial saturation of the informatics job market. After the dot-com bubble burst, the world of computers saw a steady growth. A number of companies managed to recover and get back up in the computer science field, thanks to more advance knowledge, developing technologies and the surge of entrepreneurs.

Higher degrees in computer science such as PhD have become a necessity for people who intend to excel in this field with a solid footing. Here is additional information to help you understand the importance of this degree:

What is a PhD in Computer Science?

A PhD in computer science is a research degree that builds on students’ existing knowledge regarding computer hardware and software and explores advanced methods for researching, developing, implementing and maintaining information systems. It deals with new and developing technologies in the field of computer engineering.

What are the Requirements of a PhD in Computer Science Program?

To apply for a PhD program in computer science, you need to meet a certain criteria. This criteria would differ from university to university, but on the whole, it would involve requirements on the following lines:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcripts of all colleges and graduate schools attended
  • GRE scores
  • Curriculum Vitae or resume including your educational background, degrees, teaching or research experience, a list of papers and publications, computer languages in which you are proficient and any other information relevant to the field

What Subjects are Taught in a PhD in Computer Science?

The variety and type of courses taught will vary according to your specialization. PhD candidates are typically exposed to:

  • Integrated circuits and systems
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Computer network systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Project management
  • Information systems

In addition, your courses will revolve around your chosen area of research and related topics. You will be assigned a faculty member to help you out with your dissertation research and project execution.

What Makes a Good PhD Computer Science Student?

To excel as a PhD student in computer science, there are certain qualities that you should either possess, or begin to develop in your personality.

  • Perseverance: A PhD in computer science requires a lot of work. It requires you to explore your knowledge boundaries and look for solutions to problems. PhD candidates can get overwhelmed – computer science problems can be very difficult requiring very long study hours. However, those who persevere to the end, their minds will be configured to deal with complex computer science problems like never before.
  • Tenacity: Most students going for a PhD in computer science, or any other discipline for that matter, intend to become tenure-track professors after completion of their degree. However,  faculty positions are few and far between.  A PhD alone is therefore not necessarily the key to becoming a professor – applicants need to be active and even aggressive to get ahead in this field.
  • Cogency: Potentially one of the most important qualities a PhD student should possess is the ability to clearly and concisely articulate ideas – in person and in written form. Once you have made a discovery, it’s all about using the right words and persuasive arguments to convince experts of the legitimacy of your discovery. Therefore, it is critical for PhD candidates to learn how to write compelling extracts and introductions that get their ideas across in the best possible manner.

How Important is a PhD in Computer Science?

There are various reasons why you should go for a PhD in computer science. Here are a few:

  • You get to work on exciting projects that have life-changing implications for people
  • Your knowledge reservoir expands tremendously
  • All sciences are somehow influenced or impacted by computer science, so by getting involved in this field, you could pursue careers in a vast majority of fields such as business, entertainment, etc
  • The field is growing and further expected to grow exponentially in the near future, thanks to the onset of the concept of incubators and promotion of technical entrepreneurs

Where Can You Go With a Ph.D. in Computer Science?

There are several paths you could pursue with a doctorate in CS. Have a look:

  • You could conduct research in a corporate or university settings
  • Advanced product development would become one of your many fields of expertise
  • You could start up your own company
  • You could apply for  tenure-track professor’s position

The importance of a higher education degree such as a doctorate in computer science cannot be determined merely by its career potential and the number of employment opportunities available. The amount of effort you are willing to put in will be one of the biggest factors in determining the eventual outcome of a Ph.D. in computer science.


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