5 Ways to Thank Nurses Today

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You walk into a hospital and see scrubs of all colors, running around, trying to help as many patients as possible. Then you have the patients. No one likes to go the hospital, that’s for sure.

In the midst of all the mayhem, one thing many fail to notice are the heroes. Hidden in plain sight, these individuals are the essential cogs that make everything possible. Wonder who these heroes are? The hospital staff, specifically nurses. These professionals are the link between doctors and patients. They provide patient care, emotional support to patients and their family members, and provide healthcare advice.

The National Nurses Day celebrates these behind-the-scenes brave men and women. It is an opportunity to acknowledge these professionals who are sometimes the target of their patients’ emotional outbursts.

Here are five ways in which you can thank nurses for all their services.

  • Bring them coffee: Seemingly a small gesture, but for nurses who have been on their feet for hours on end, it would be a welcome treat.

  • Say a loud, public thank you: No, we don’t want you running in hospital hallways shouting words of appreciation. Consider something that might actually reach millions of nurses across the country, without getting you arrested. Go for a big social media shout-out on your Facebook/Twitter pages, upload a selfie with a group of nurses, share on Instagram, and make sure to personally send out a personal thank you message to all your nurse friends.

  • Get ‘thank you’ scrubs made for them: Get a bulk of simple scrubs from a local nursing store and personalize them by getting small messages printed/embroidered on them. Messages such as ‘Best Nurse Ever’ or ‘a special thank you to a team of angels’, will certainly turn these scrubs into worthy mementos.

  • Get them something they can use: Shoes, for instance, are one thing that nurses typically fret a lot over. They need to be on their feet all day. This is why they are always in need of comfortable shoes. Get them a gift certificate from a local or an online nursing supply store.

  • Food never fails: Everyone loves food. Workplace gifts that contain food items are usually the safest options. Make a nice basketful of food items, preferably home cooked, and send it to your local hospital. Save them from that God awful hospital food.

These professionals have come a long way. They went to nursing school, got through the process of becoming registered nurses, practiced for years and are now doing so much that you probably don’t even notice most of the time. The injections they give you, the food they get for you, the family members they hug and support emotionally, the doctors they assist in your treatment, and they do it all with pleasant smiles on their faces, always.

Let’s all make some effort for them this time around and give them a reason to truly smile.


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