5 Simple Tips For Students to Save Time and Boost Energy

Schools and colleges are places of high stress for students. In the process of getting ahead, scoring better and dealing with heightened competition, most students tend to lose track of where their basic resources, time and energy, are being spent. Time and energy utilized in the right way can not only help you at school and college, but it will also go a long way in developing you into a well-balanced human being.

Here are 5 simple tips for students to save time and boost energy for better results during and after school:

 Sleep – Without being “Alarmed” Out of it!

The ideal kind of sleep is where you get into bed and sleep until your body decides to wake you up. This is when you have had enough rest to keep you charged for quite some time. It is exactly the opposite of the sleep pattern of a busy person, which typically involves insufficient sleep, disrupted by a recurring alarm. Even though doing this might cause you to lose an hour or two out of your day, it will in the long run, make you feel substantially better and healthier. Your energy level, mood, clarity of thought and awareness of your surroundings will all be a lot better. Going from 18 waking hours, to 16 waking hours might end up giving you nearly double the energy and enthusiasm to work.

Go Outside – Move around, do some activity

Take the expression ‘get some fresh air’ literally, daily. Getting up from your dorm room or library etc and going to sit outside in the great outdoors for a while might freshen you up and in return increase your overall productivity. By stepping outside and spending some of your time appreciating nature, you will feel a whole lot better. The reason for this is that the sun exposure you get, promotes natural vitamin D production and a healthy serotonin level in your body. What would make things even better is if you exercise in the outdoors – go for a walk, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, trim the hedges and so on. Invest some of your time in the outdoors and you might reap double the benefits.

Eat Right – And eat varied meals

Even though it sounds like a lot of effort at first to follow a proper diet plan, it can go on to make your overall quality of life better. Instead of eating the same thing all the time because either you don’t have quick access to other items or other items require effort to make and consume, you might want to start varying your meals. Try and include more fresh items, fruits and vegetables. 

Live Close to School – With easy food and social connection access

This will save you a lot of time and effort in travelling. If your home is far away from your school, try looking for accommodation in dorms or private accommodation nearby. This will be a lot cheaper than owning and driving a car on a daily basis. You invest less time and money in getting to places that are an integral part of your daily routine, giving you more time to study and spend quality time with your friends.

Taking a Day off – And using it meaningfully

While the sound of a day off would instantly bring to mind a peaceful state of idleness for the whole day, there are better uses you can make of your time off. Relax, unburden yourself from your daily responsibilities and think about a hobby. Personal tasks, genuine leisure, hobby time are all good ways to spend your time out. The idea is to do whatever brings the most joy to you from the day. Even though this will put you a whole day behind schedule, it will help you kill stress and perform better in the upcoming days. Investing your time and energies in a meaningful yet relaxing day would bring about overall improvement in your life.

To determine ways in which time and energy can be better used by students, a survey was carried out. Here are the responses:


Figure out your learning style. For instance, if you are an auditory learner, you will save hours of study time by learning you need to say your notes out-loud instead of re-writing them over and over.

Sarah Tippett | Homeschool Base


Always schedule time for yourself, if you don't do it no one else will.You always have a choice, you can choose to act or react. People are drawn towards action takers.

Spencer Campbell | Middle School Assistant Principal


Take a quiz. A great questionnaire can reveal if you would do better at a small or big college, research-focused or liberal arts, Greek-driven social scene or not. Don't try to match yourself to what you've heard about colleges. Find the college that best matches what you want.

Erin Goodnow | CEO of Going Ivy


  • Don't be mediocre. If you have a passion, invest the time and energy to make yourself an expert in this area. Block off the time each week and know that an investment in yourself is always a wise investment.
  • No one starts out as an expert. Time, energy, and persistence are needed to achieve greatness in any area.

Kristen Moon | MoonPrep.com


These are tips that can play an integral role in helping you manage your time and energy better.

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