2016 Most Popular Online Degrees in Usa

The number of people choosing to go for online degrees has shown a tremendous increase in recent years. Thanks to the easy availability of high speed internet, the world of online education has taken education by storm. Accessibility and flexibility have become the real game changers. As opposed to traditional educational institutions, online colleges do not require the physical presence of the student, or a strict adherence to a timetable. They offer flexible schedules allowing students to tailor programs according to their individual time constraints. This is certainly a huge advantage for people who intend to continue working their regular jobs while getting an education to achieve their ultimate academic and professional goals.

With economy uncertainty in the US, there is a greater degree of job uncertainty as well. With stakes getting higher and competition becoming tougher, it has become an absolute necessity to keep your knowledge updated. By investing in gaining additional knowledge, you can make your job more secure, while continue the process of professional growth. You could go for certificate, diploma or complete degree programs depending on your prior education, experience and future plans.

Following are some of the most popular online degrees of 2016 that you might want to look into:

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is, without doubt, a highly sought after skill in the market right now. Many companies rely on the abilities of trained designers to create promotional displays, spreads for newspapers, billboard advertisements, leaflets, company logos, etc. Due to the vastness of the industries where graphic designing skills are needed, individuals trained with this knowledge have the ability to get jobs in a variety of different settings. Online graphic designing degrees are offered at a number of colleges all over the US. Students can acquire skills in internet application, design and development, visual communication, web development and so on.

Medical Assistant

This is an entry level position in the healthcare industry that forms an important foundation for every healthcare agency. These individuals take care of matters such as taking patient histories, preparing them for operations, routine lab procedures, managing patient records and so on. This frees up time for senior physicians to concentrate on more advance and complex matters. Online medical assisting programs train students in all relevant clinical and administrative matters such as administering injections, infection control guidelines, medical laws and procedures relating to them. Gaining this knowledge can make you a very valuable asset for healthcare institutes across the country.

Web Design and Development

Websites have become a necessity for every organization in the world. They give complete information about company’s operations, history, products and services, all in one place. And with internet becoming a major advertiser, websites certainly play a very important role. In order to build an effective and user-friendly website, an educated professional is needed. This is where Web Designers and Developers come in. Their main job is to analyze the business’ needs and build a website for them that suits their purpose. Online web design degrees are an ideal way to get ahead in this field. The coursework typically includes visual communication, design elements, marketing and creativity, etc.


This one is obvious – the competition for products and services is tough. Businesses have to remain up to date with the latest marketing techniques and invest time and money to figure out what appeals most to their particular target market segment. Marketing professionals are required to attract customers and clients to the business and make attractive displays and presentations to potential customers. Statistics and research are two key areas for marketing managers. Online marketing degrees are growing in popularity due to the vast appeal of this subject. Students are exposed to topics such as advertising, e-commerce, research, data analysis, statistics and so on. A few basic areas of business studies and humanities are also added to the program to ensure a complete education.


Every business needs some kind of maintenance of financial records. Whether there is one person keeping tabs on the inflows and outflows of cash, or a whole department dedicated solely to bookkeeping, accounting is one of the fundamentals in a business. Accounting professional perform a certain number of functions for an organization that make the operations a lot smoothers. They are in-charge of activities such as budget analysis, financial planning and compilation of the financial statements in keeping with the International Financial Reporting Standards. Enrolling yourself in an online accounting program will expose you to subjects such as federal and state tax laws, financial planning, payroll management, investments, corporate finance and so on. The opportunities after you complete a degree in accounting are vast, which is what attracts such a large number of people towards this field, increasing the competition. This creates a greater need for you to consider online education.

Healthcare Administration

The demand for new and trained professionals in the healthcare industry keeps on increasing. Office assistants and managers are required to keep the administrative matters of running a healthcare agency in order. And with insurance agencies becoming very strict, it has become an absolute requirement to have professionals who have knowledge of proper billing codes as required by the law. In addition to that, such professionals make the whole healthcare process much faster and efficient. Online degrees in healthcare administration are fast gaining popularity as the healthcare industry is growing on the whole. Curriculum for such programs exposes students to various legal procedures as well as the proper way of billing, maintenance of patient records, cleanliness of hospital rooms, procurement of supplies and so on.


Engineering has always been a major favorite in the job market. And due to fierce competition, the need for updated skills has become more intensified than ever. Students thinking about going for an engineering program have the opportunity to choose from a vast number of degree specialization options such as electrical, civil, mechanical, chemical and general fields. Engineers are required to find solutions, to create effective methods to solve problems, and create functional devices that contribute positively to the welfare of the overall community and environment. In addition to that, engineers are typically quite high paid and have numerous opportunities to advance their careers. Online engineering degrees are offered by nearly every other college in the country. Engineering students have the choice of going for various levels of education, including associate, bachelors, masters and even doctoral degrees. The choice will depend greatly on your past education and future career plans. The curriculum would typically include a few general subjects, along with concentration-specific set of courses, designed to help students advance in their chosen area of interest.


Paralegals are an important addition in every company. They are trained to provide invaluable service to companies, lawyers, law firms and even the general public. These individuals are required to draft legal documentation, work on laws, regulations and statutes, interview clients and witnesses and provide a huge set of other such services, as per the needs of their employer. Paralegals are typically employed in government offices, independent consulting organizations, private law firms, and are even employed by independent persons sometimes. Online paralegal degree programs are available at a number of top-notch colleges in the United States. The program curriculum may be very specialized according to the chosen area of legal studies. Paralegals often enjoy a great degree of employability due to the lack of geographical limitations for individuals employed in the profession. With this profession, there are no geographical limitations, so you can get a job in any state you want to.

With such a positive outlook for these fields, there is no doubt that these are the most popular online degrees of 2016. It would be a wise decision to invest in getting an online degree right now. Whether you want career advancement or academic excellence, enrolling in an online program will give you exactly what you need: flexibility, opportunity to continue working and career growth.


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