10 Most Wanted Criminals in United States

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a roster of the most wanted criminals on their website. Along with their pictures, a description of their crimes and known behaviors is given in order to help civilians keep a vigilant eye out for them.

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of wanted individuals on the Bureau’s website: those on the National Security Priority list (these individuals have committed acts of counter intelligence, terrorism, cybercrimes, etc.) and those on the Criminal Priorities list (sought for committing corruption, violent, civil rights, or organized crimes).

The following is a list of individuals who are among the most wanted in the United States. If you see any of them, get in touch with your local police station or the FBI immediately.

1. Victor Manuel Gerena

Gerena has been charged with armed robbery, bank robbery, theft from an interstate shipment, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

In 1983, Gerena was working as a Wells Fargo guard and he allegedly stole $7 million from a branch of the company’s in West Hartford, Connecticut. Once he had the money he also took two security employees hostage at gunpoint, bound them, and injected them with a sedative.

2. William Bradford Bishop, Jr.

William Bradford Bishop Jr. is wanted for allegedly killing his entire family in Bethesda, Maryland in 1976. After finding out that he had not received the promotion he was hoping for, he came home that day and apparently bludgeoned his mother, wife, as well as his three sons, ages 5, 10, and 14. The only one he didn’t kill in the house was the family dog.

After killing everyone he transported the dead bodies to Columbia, North Carolina. There he dig shallow graves, threw the bodies in, and set them on fire. His car was found abandoned in the Smoky Mountains and since then he has disappeared.

Bishop had been educated at Yale and is fluent in five different languages. The last time he was spotted was in 1994 in Europe.

3. Alexis Flores

Flores is wanted for the kidnapping and murder of Ariana DeJesus, a five year old girl from Philadelphia in July 2000. He had apparently been seeking shelter in the same building that the little girl lived in prior to her disappearance. When she went missing, tenants noted that Flores was nowhere to be seen either.

A couple days later the little girl’s body was found in the apartment building.

4. Glen Stewart Godwin

Godwin has committed horrific crimes and escaped prison on two occasions. In 1987, having no prior record, he robbed a local drug dealer, Kim LeValley, and stabbed him to death. He then filled his dead body with explosives so he could destroy the evidence. After going to prison for this horrific murder, he escaped from Folsom State Prison in California.

Then he was charged with drug trafficking and thrown in prison in Guadalajara, Mexico; while in prison he murdered another inmate and escaped five months later.

5. Eduardo Ravelo

Ravelo is extensively involved with big criminal enterprises and gangs. He’s also a hit man for a powerful gang in L.A.

One of the gangs he’s involved with, Barrio Azteca, are responsible for numerous murders and assassinations in Mexico and Texas. Authorities believe that Ravelo may have altered his appearance drastically to avoid prosecution, such as plastic surgery and altering his fingertips.

6. Yaser Abdel Said

In 2008, Said shot his two daughters Sarah and Amina multiple times. They attempted to call 911 but died shortly after. In total, the daughters were shot 11 times. Afterwards, Said disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

7. Semion Mogilevich

Mogilevich was involved in an elaborate scheme to defraud thousands of investors of $150 million in a Canadian company which was based in Philadelphia.

He holds numerous passports including Russian and Israeli and has even been linked as the leader of a notorious Russian mob family called the Red Mafia.

He has been involved in drug trafficking, weapons, murders, and international prostitution. He has even laundered money in 27 different countries around the world.

8. Jason Derek Brown

Brown is wanted for committing first degree murder, armed robbery, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. In November 2004 Brown went to a movie theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, and shot and killed Robert Keith Palomares, an armored-car guard. He then fled the scene with $56,000 of stolen money.

He remains one of the most wanted men in America, but due to the commonness of his name along with the fact that he looks like a typical ‘surfer dude’, the FBI have received numerous tips about him.

He also happens to look a lot like Sean Penn, which has resulted in the FBI mistakenly apprehending Penn’s body double on two separate occasions.

9. Robert William Fisher

Fisher is charged with first degree murder (on three counts), unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, and arson of an occupied structure.

In 2001, Fisher allegedly killed his wife and two young children. He then set fire to and blew up their home in Scottsdale, Arizona. After ten days the authorities found the family car in the mountains in Payson, Arizona. Inside was the family dog.

To this day the authorities receive tons of tips regarding him both nationally and internationally. It is likely that he has changed his appearance to avoid being caught.

10. Luis Macedo

Macedo is charged with first degree murder and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. In 2009, Macedo was involved in the death of a 15 year old boy from Chicago, Illinois. The victim was beaten and shot after he refused Macedo’s demand to show a gang sign. He was then subsequently set on fire by members of the Latin Kings gang and left to die. Macedo is believed to be the instigator of this attack. If you have any information on him, the FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for any information concerning his whereabouts.

The FBI maintains a list of Ten Most Wanted criminals in the US since law enforcement is a system which was put into place to ensure that society is governed by a set of laws. If you want to work for the FBI or another law enforcement agency, there are a variety of criminal justice programs that you can enroll in. The precise program you choose will depend upon which sector of law enforcement you want to work in.

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